Minced meat or ground meat. The minced meats can be from Pork , Beef, Lamb or poultry. As a general rule, they have been accepted by consumers, since being finely minced meat, it has a large amount of surface and offers a more pronounced flavor.


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The minced meat is almost worldwide, it is usually used in various gastronomies throughout the world. There is no cuisine or gastronomy that does not include a variant of minced meat in any of its dishes. It is usually prepared with the meat grinder. It can be said that it is well known as the main ingredient of the popular one in the meat of Hamburgers and Meatballs . Minced meat can have three possible destinations: the production of Sausages , the normal culinary process and packaging. In the case of sausages, there are the popular Sausages , Chorizos , Morcillas , and Salchichones, etc. In some cases it is usually used as a filling for certain preparations Empanadas , pasta, pumps, Croquettes , etc. In some cases it is prepared raw, such as steak tartare and carpaccio. Sometimes minced meat is mixed with other components of the meat such as steak and kidney pie.

Conservation and handling

It is most recommended that the minced meat be consumed as soon as possible, because after the mincing process the meat has a larger surface area and is more easily subject to possible bacterial cultures. On the other hand, the greater surface affects the oxidation of the meat and diminishes its qualities of aroma and flavor. Community regulations state that frozen minced meat must come from fresh boned meat and be kept at a temperature equivalent to or below -18 ° C. According to the regulations, the maximum storage times for frozen minced meat are eighteen months if it is Beef, twelve months for sheep and six months for pork. For cold-minced meat, a maximum period of six days is used after the animals are slaughtered,

Hygiene conditions

If not properly preserved, meat is an ideal ground for bacteria . Its poor conservation or poor processing can lead to diseases caused by bacteria such as: Escherichia coli , Salmonella and Listeria . To prevent the spread of bacteria in these meat preparations, the manufacturing industry adds Lactobacilli from products such as Yogurt and Cheese . It is a good custom that mincing meat is a practice to be carried out with the greatest possible cleanliness and hygiene, without altering the Organoleptic character of the product, nor be able to produce bacterial contamination of great danger to health.


In the European Union there is special legislation for the handling and hygiene of food of animal origin in order to control and prevent the spread of spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) of meat such as beef. For this purpose there are various regulations that affect the traceability and regulation of the existing information on the packaging and labeling that contain minced meat.


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