Medical check-up: understand what it is and how important it is

Many people are in the habit of going to the doctor only when they have symptoms of some disease, but most illnesses could be prevented and better treated if a medical check-up was performed frequently.

Regular exams can early identify the onset of diseases, guaranteeing the patient a better quality of life. Find out now what a medical check-up is, how important it is and when it should be performed.

What is a medical check-up and why is it important?

The medical check-up is a set of varied tests that must be performed periodically, in an individual and personalized way, with the objective of evaluating the general health of the patient.

Although many people think that the tests performed are unnecessary, repetitive or very expensive, the truth is that such procedures are essential for maintaining a healthier life.

It is through these tests that many diseases can be detected, that the doctor can have a future vision of the patient’s health and, from there, guide him to seek healthier habits in order to avoid such diseases.

There are several diseases that, even after being installed in the human body, do not show specific symptoms. This is the case with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and even cancer.

Therefore, medical check-up works to prevent, control and identify problems in people’s health. And, unlike what many think, the patient can opt for exam packages, with values ​​already established and that make it clear how much he should pay, without surprises at the end of the consultation.

What tests are performed during the medical check-up?

The types of tests can vary according to the patient’s personal characteristics. Men, women, children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities, for example, need specific tests. That is why medical check-up is an individual and personalized procedure.

See below the main exams performed during the check-up:

  • FBC: it is the best known test of all, simple, but very important. It is the blood test that looks at the number of red and white cells, checking how the immune system is, looking for infections;
  • verification of arterial hypertension: hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a silent disease, with generic symptoms, but which is easily identified through a pressure measurement test;
  • cholesterol : in this case, the doctor assesses the amount of fats in the patient’s blood. Large concentrations of fat cause clogging of arteries and can lead the patient to death;
  • blood glucose: the blood glucose test aims to identify whether or not the person has diabetes or even predisposition to the disease. It is also a simple blood test and should be performed, preferably on an empty stomach;
  • electrocardiogram: in this exam, electrodes are used on the patient’s chest in order to understand the incidence of heart disease. It is a painless exam and very effective in detecting coronary heart disease;
  • echocardiogram: is the exam that looks at how the patient’s heart is working. Changes such as reduced organ contraction capacity and other problems are easily noticed, serving as a warning to the patient;
  • Pap smear test: it is a gynecological test, valuable to find out how the uterus is doing . The test identifies lesions and the presence of HPV viruses and helps to detect cancer at an early stage. Sexually active women must have the exam annually;
  • mammography: another indispensable exam in the medical check-up performed by the woman. Breast cancer is the most common among the female audience, and mammography helps in the early detection of the disease. The exam must be performed even with no symptoms;
  • prostate exam : should be performed, preferably, on men who are over 40 years old. To assist in the diagnosis, the doctor may also order a blood test that looks for the presence of PSA. Altered levels of this hormone can indicate problems such as prostate cancer.

These are the main tests performed during a check-up, but your doctor may order others, if you think it is necessary.

When should the medical check-up be done?

There is no right date to start taking care of your health and perform a medical check-up. Children, teenagers, pregnant women, the elderly … all must undergo routine examinations periodically. After all, one of the characteristics of the check-up is the preventive aspect.

The purpose is to monitor the development of people’s health, to notice possible changes, to anticipate diseases that may arise, in addition to reducing the impacts of those diseases already installed.

As it is a personalized procedure, it is possible to hire specific exam packages for each age group, sex of the patient, for patients with diseases or special needs, pregnant women and sportsmen, among others. Thus, the check-up is directed to the characteristics of each one, without the need for generic or unnecessary exams.

Anyone who has never had a battery of exams and is over 30 must undergo the first check-up. Generally, the term for reevaluation is one year. That is, every 12 months, new tests must be done to find out if everything is fine with the patient.

During this time, if there are any changes that require monitoring, the doctor and patient will be better prepared to solve the problem. Remembering that all tests, from the simplest to the most complex, must be performed by a trusted clinic and really committed to the individual’s health.

When always performed by the same medical team, the check-up ends up strengthening the bonds between the professional and the patient, generating a relationship of trust and credibility, which greatly favors the diagnoses.

As you have seen, medical check-up should be part of everyone’s routine, always respecting the individuality and health history of each person. Medical examinations help prevent, treat and cure various diseases and are essential for a life with more quality and longevity. Therefore, make an appointment and do not delay your visit to the doctor.

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