Mato Cheese

The mató (also known as brossat or Brull cheese) is a type of fresh cheese , typical of the gastronomy of the Balearic Islands and Catalonia . It has less fat than most other cheeses. Its origin is medieval and traditionally it was made with goat or sheep milk . It is popular in the field of sports dieting for being low in fat but high in protein.


It is made by hand by boiling milk and coagulating it with a vegetable element such as thistle flower (Cynara cardunculus), lemon juice or an animal element (rennet). The resulting product is filtered through a rag in wicker or cane containers . In this way, a white pasty mass is obtained, slightly sweet due to the concentration of milk lactose . Industrial manufacturing uses the same physical-chemical principle but pasteurized milk and large capacity stainless steel tanks are used .

Uses Of Mato Cheese

The killed is consumed as dessert. It can be sprinkled with sugar although the most traditional way is the one that uses honey to sweeten it, giving rise to the mel i mató . It is also used in some preparations such as cottage cheese tart (Greixonera de Brossat), as well as making a cake such as coca de brossat , (coc de brossat).

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