Man of Medan guide, tips, tricks and secrets

After Until Dawn , Supermassive Games returns with a horror story … or a set of them. Man of Medan is the first of the experiences that make up the Dark Pictures anthology, and presents us with a classic ghost story on an abandoned ship.

Throughout this guide, as spoiler-free as possible , we will tell you how to get the most out of the game.

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  1. History
  2. Head and heart decisions
  3. Save or kill characters
  4. Cooperative modes


Man of Medan tells us a story very slowly, like the horror classics, putting us in a background very quickly. The game is developed in the style of Detroit: Become Human , making decisions that affect the entire overall plot .


That is why we have designed a step-by-step guide, completely free of spoilers , and divided into several sections. What we are going to tell you in this section, as we say, detailing everything you should do , is:

  • Main Route (everyone lives) :Our main game, in which we will take you by the hand to make all the characters survive.
  • Alternative route (final part) :depending on your decisions, at the end of the game you can play two extra chapters, with their own exclusive collectibles.
  • All men die :Starting from a certain point, we show you a way to kill all male characters.
  • All women die : Inthe same way, from one point in history, we show you how to kill all female characters.
  • They all die :we show you how to make everyone slap it, and also, to take advantage of this round to get two extra trophies.

Head and heart decisions

Instead of the typical “normal” decisions, the game presents us with decisions as something that is done with the head or with the heart . And this, logically, is called decisions of the head and heart .

These decisions appear framed in the symbol of one or the other, and will determine the evolution of events. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of ramifications and decisions to make , but, in general terms, you must take into account the following aspects:

  • Differences between Head and Heart :the differences are quite subtle, and do not follow a specific guideline, but we want you to try to understand it.
  • Listen to your instinct / Consider all the possibilities :for the completists, we explain what these two achievements / trophies consist of and how to get them.

Save or kill characters

As in all games of this type, it is possible to permanently save or kill all the characters depending on our decisions.

First of all, you should know that in our complete guide without spoilers of the story we have all the details for you to cover all the options of saving and killing characters. But if that is not what you are looking for, we will tell you the following:

  • How theDeath Mechanic Works : You need to understand how the permanent death system works in the game. You cannot easily solve a death.
  • How to save or kill all the characters :we show you all the situations that we know in which the characters are in danger, and what you must do to make them live or die.
  • How to kill all the characters at once :there is a way to guarantee the death of all the characters at the end of the game. We show you how to reach this drastic conclusion.

Cooperative modes

The game has two cooperative modes . On the one hand there is the online mode , which requires, to play, that you do it with a person from your friends list who has the game . There is no matchmaking of any kind.

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The other cooperative mode is Movie Night, which is a local cooperative (2 to 5 controls). At the beginning of the game you will assign one or more characters to each controller, depending on the people you are going to play, and each one will play with the corresponding controller the chapters of the assigned character. Please note that the save file for these modes is different from the single player mode . You will have to start from scratch even if you have a finished game in single player mode.

Story : We tell you, without spoilers, how to complete all the Man of Medan chapters step by step and make all the characters survive at the end of the adventure.

Head and Heart Decisions : We show you how one of Man of Medan’s essential mechanics works, Head and Heart decisions. It may not be as simple as you thought …

Save / Kill characters : Man of Medan proposes a boat trip, but it is not a cruise. We tell you at what moments you will have to make certain decisions to save or kill all the characters


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