Malachi (book of the Bible)

Malachi . Book of the Old Testament in the Bible Christian in the Jewish religion; written by the prophet Malachi.


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Jehovah’s Messenger , wrote this book after the temple was rebuilt , perhaps in the 4th century BC. Possibly this was not the author’s real name, since Malaki means ‘my messenger’, ‘my envoy’ or ‘my angel’ in Hebrew .


The Jews returned from captivity and the priests .

Purpose and theme

He sets out to make Israel’s apostasy clear and to emphasize God’s judgment . His teachings regarding God and his sovereignty are important.


  • Israel’s sin and apostasy (Chapters 1.1-3.15)
  • Sins of the priests (Chapters 1.1-2.9)
  • Sins of the people (Chapters 2.10-3.15)
  • Blessing for the repentant (Chapters 3.16-3.15)


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