How to make a budget for a client?

The relationship with our clients is one of the keys to the success of a business. Finding the ones that interest us the most and meeting their expectations is an essential part of the powers of an entrepreneur. When offering our services, many will want us to include a detail of the costs in the project that we present to them. You wonder how to make a budget for a client? Here you will find the answers.

It is clear that one of the most complicated sections when preparing a budget for a client is that of setting prices . eye! It is not the only thing you need to worry about, but you certainly have to offer competitive prices that are profitable for your business. Finding that balance requires dedication and justification to convince the prospective client. Don’t spare any effort in preparing every budget for a client !


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Steps to make a budget

What is the correct approach to make a budget ? As indicated, you, as a service provider, must set a price for your work that is dignified and competitive. This is the great dilemma and where the biggest mistakes are made , equally serious by default or excess. That is to say:

  • Too low a price devalues ​​your work. Not only will you have a problem to cover the costs of your company , it is that the image you transmit is of a lower quality product. Do not think, in addition, that this initial position is advantageous and then go up prices. On the contrary, once perceived as low cost, it will be difficult for you to justify a rate increase.
  • An excessive price. If you are far above the average prices in your market, many clients are not even going to consider starting a negotiation with you. If you are going to move in the high range of rates, you have to make sure to make clear the plus that your product or service brings compared to other competitors.

But, not only on prices lives a budget. There is plenty of other budget information not to forget. Here is the step-by-step of budgeting for a client :

  1. Establish the basic criteria of our company to set prices. This previous work is essential. You have to assess factors such as costs, profit margin, market price or promotions. Only by taking these elements into account will we be able to make a consistent budget.
  2. Include the complete data of the client and our companycompany name, NIF or CIF, fiscal address and contact information.
  3. Specify in the “Concept” section the details of the product or service offered. You can include sections such as working hours, materials, associated costs … You must detail the cost per unit and the total cost of the amount that is budgeted.
  4. Broken down in Taxable Base, VAT percentage and other applicable taxes, and Total Amount.
  5. Payment details. An essential matter that you cannot forget in your budget is how and when you propose to make the exchange payment. In the event that a strong prior investment in materials, services to third parties or licenses is required, it is advisable to agree on an advance on account of the final amount.
  6. Other elements that it is interesting to include in the budget are: delivery times, warranty coverage, technical service if appropriate and legal conditionsthat we consider essential to inform our customers.

We recommend that you write a simple document without frills, in which your client sees reflected that you have carried out a specific analysis to respond to their specific needs. It does not hurt that the answer to how to prepare a budget for a client? Include your company’s work methodology and any extras you offer.


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