Lunda Sul

Lunda Sul is one of the eighteen provinces in which Angola is administratively divided , located in the northeast of the country and its capital is Saurimo .

It has an area of ​​77,636 km² and its approximate population is 130,000 inhabitants. The province is made up of the municipalities of Cacolo, Dala, Muconda and Saurimo.

Lunda Sul has 10 communes in particular: Mona Quimbundo , Chiluage , Muriege, Cazage , Luma-Cassai, Alto-Chicapa, Xassengue, Cucumbi, Sombo-Sur, Cassai and Dala.

Saurimo was the former capital of the province of Lunda, but with its division into two provinces (Lunda Sur and Lunda Norte), it remained as the capital of Lunda Sur in 1978.


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Lunda is constituted mainly by the Lunda-Tchokwe ethnic group , in addition to other ethnolinguistic groups such as Bangalas, Xinge, Minungos, Luvales, Mbundas and Balubas. The others are fusion, elements originating from the Moxico and Lunda-Norte provincial regions . Lundense population, gathered at the Las Mangueras stadium (in Saurimo).

Grupo Tchokwe: The Lunda-Tchokwe people, being mostly from the Lunda Sur, have a rich historical and cultural tradition, taking into account the value of the lyrics of their folk songs and traditional dances, such as: Macoopo Txianda, Txissela, Txiliapanga, Miting, Muquixi, etc. This town also inherited a fabulous cultural wealth, and its sculpture school is the most notable in the entire African continent.


In the field of culture, there are several dance groups, recreational centers, musical groups, theater groups, as well as monuments of civil and religious architecture and historical sites.


The main economic activity is the extraction of Diamonds. Manganese and iron are other exploited mineral resources.


The province’s climate is predominantly tropical, with temperatures ranging between 34ºc maximum and 22ºc minimum.


Subsistence agriculture is practiced in this province, with cassava, corn, rice, ginguba, sweet potato and yams as the main crops. Pineapple production is one of the most important agricultural productions.


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