To live Lent well

To live Lent well

You have to buy time, take advantage of it, anticipate it, don’t waste it! These are expressions that we talk about very often.

The time of Lent is the time of the child, of the adolescents’ dreams of life, of the elders, full of memories. Time measured and counted, or time to be enjoyed, or, who knows, wasted. Symbolic time, forty years or forty days, twenty-five or fifty years, birthdays and jubilee, like the Jubilee of Mercy, which we are celebrating!

We were made by God and immersed in time, not only in that studied by physics or marked by the clock, but in the present time, given by Him, charged with meaning because it becomes the story of our salvation.

The ancient wisdom in the Church built, little by little, what is called the “Liturgical Year”, with which, from death and resurrection, his “paschal mystery”, Christians go through the events of the Lord’s life on this earth, to Recognize Him ever present (Mt 28,20), until His glorious coming at the end of time.

Welcome the graces offered by God

The Church’s pedagogy makes us rediscover the same salvific events, but it awaits us, grown and more mature, capable of better accepting the graces of each time of the year. All of its stages are “opportune time”. The appeal of the Apostle Saint Paul is updated ”As collaborators of Christ, we urge you not to receive the grace of God in vain, for he says:“ In the favorable moment, I heard you, on the day of salvation, I helped you ” . And now the favorable moment is now the day of salvation (2Cor 6: 2-2).

What to dedicate to Lent

Forty days dedicated to prayer, fraternity and fasting! All people who have a “religious” experience, even in other aspects, even non-Christians, discover the need for a relationship with God, a new deal with others and the demands for balance of the forces of their own nature. It is observed that many of them make diets or fasts much more strict and demanding than what the Church proposes for Lent, for spiritual, aesthetic reasons or for medical prescriptions. And it does not hurt anyone to pray, love others and educate their own will.

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What to do to live well Lent

However, the Church celebrates Lent with a broader and deeper look. As Christians are called that because they received in Baptism the new life born of Christ himself who died and rose, they celebrate His Easter every week on Sunday and celebrate it annually, prepared by Lent, renewing, as in a Baptism anniversary, professed faith and its renunciation of sin and the Devil.

Lent has its eyes on the Easter Vigil. The candle lit at Círio Pascal, for the renewal of the promises made, will be one of the great symbols of life in Christ. The same Christ, the same celebrations, but a new time!

May the invitation of the Church to intensify the time of prayer reach Lent during all of Lent. Let us start by participating in the Sunday Mass, preferably prepared with the family. We also propose the resumption of a beautiful custom: the family’s going to church, with all its members, choosing a time that works for everyone, attending the parish Mass and welcoming the gifts of God that are offered in abundance. Then personal prayer, especially with the Bible, discovering the richness of the so-called prayerful reading of the Word of God.


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