Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving

Lent is time to turn to God

This is the conversion time. This is the day of salvation. Let us return to the Father, let us walk together, this is the time of conversion. Another year the Lord grants us the grace to live this strong time of conversion, which is Lent. Favorable time for repentance and return to the father’s home. Time to experience the love of God manifested in Jesus Christ. We are called to take some steps in this time of reflection and change of life, and the Church indicates three to us: prayer , fasting and almsgiving.


The prayer

We came from God and we will return to Him. We need, more and more, to place ourselves in His presence and maintain our intimate contact. God invites us to a life of surrender, and in Jesus He reveals himself as a loving Father who wants, more and more, the presence of His sons and daughters. Lent is a favorable time for prayer, because only by living a life of prayer will we understand God’s will for our life, and thus, love His will.


Fasting reminds us of our human frailty. We are dust, and through sin , the seed of rebellion has entered the heart of humanity. Fasting will help us bring our evil inclinations into the hands of God. By fasting, Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit, overcame the temptations of the devil and thus fulfilled the Father’s will.

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