Learn how to protect bones with aging?

The role of the skeletal system in the killed body is important. Bones provide a structure and structure to our body and at the same time it also protects some important organs in the body. The role of the skeletal system is important in our body. Bones provide a structure and structure to our body and at the same time they also protect some important organs in the body. Bones are also helpful for storing minerals like calcium and phosphorus and for speeding up muscles. There are many changes in them from childhood to old age.

By the age of 30, bone mass density has reached its peak, after which the volume of this mass begins to decrease gradually in the bones compared to the aggregation, leading to the condition of osteoporosis, which develops as we age. It happens with

In this, the bones become weak and brittle. In this case, if the bone is broken due to any reason, then it becomes very difficult to join them back.

According to statistics, people above 50 years of age have a tendency to break bones easily. In two out of two women and one in four men, the bone breaks only because they are suffering from osteoporosis. In such a situation, their correct care is very important.

There are many risk factors that cause people to fall prey to this disease before time. A deficiency in calcium or vitamin D in the daily diet, reduced physical activity, extremely low weight, intoxication, irregular levels of hormones and the intake of certain medicines can cause osteoporosis to feast prematurely.

Dr. Harish Ghuta, Additional Director, Bone Department at Fortis Escorts Hospital in Faridabad has shared a few things related to Genevale, which will help us improve bone health.

– Including foods rich in calcium and vitamin D is a good step. Such as low fat dairy products ie tofu or soy milk, green leafy vegetables, legumes, salmon (almonds), almonds etc. should be taken in your daily diet. Show the body two to three times a week for ten to fifteen minutes of sunlight, because sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. Apart from this, a good amount of vitamin D is also found in fortified milk, cereals, salmon, tuna fish, shrimp or oysters.

Do regular physical exercise for at least half an hour. This makes bones and muscles strong.

Abandon tobacco or alcohol consumption

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