Layered or Roomy Office Spatial Layout (Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages)

When working in an office , of course you will be faced with a particular office layout. This office layout is basically closely related to your comfort and also other office users when working. With a good office layout, the performance of the employees or employees can be more smooth and maximum.

The existence of the arrangement of office space is one important factor that can determine the smooth implementation of office administration. Good spatial planning will provide benefits for the organization concerned to be able to complete its work until achieving the expected goals.

This office layout can vary. There are four kinds of general office layout that are known, namely partitioned / roomed office layout, open office layout, decorated / panoramic / gardened office layout, and combined office layout.

Each of these office layouts has their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Well, this time we will discuss more about the first type of office layout, namely the partitioned / room office layout.

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Form of Spatial Layered Office / Room Office

This partitioned or roomy office layout is also known as cubicle type offices . This type of office / cubicle type office layout is a work plan that is separated or divided into divisions of work or into rooms.

Dividers or work rooms are separated by walls or a partition made of wood. The office / office space layout is also called the closed office layout. So, each worker will work within the bulkhead.

The advantages of partitioned / roomy office layout

This partitioned or roomed office layout has its own advantages. The advantages of partitioned or roomy office layout include:

  • Concentration on work can be guaranteed.
  • The secrecy of the work can be more secure or protected, both in terms of talks, documents, or other valuable corporate assets.
  • Can increase the authority of workers or employees, especially those who have positions. Therefore, official status can always be maintained thanks to the authority of the official / leader.
  • Can guarantee the success of the work of workers and make workers feel responsible for the room and the growing sense of ownership of the room.
  • Show more respect for guests who come.

Loss of Layered Office Room Office Room

Even though it has various advantages, but the partitioned / room office layout also has certain disadvantages. Losses on partition / office room layout, for example

  • Direct communication between employees can be not smooth because of the separation or partition, so the opportunity for communication is reduced.
  • Separation of office space by partition / room will require substantial costs, especially the costs for room maintenance, lighting arrangements, and also the cost of other equipment.
  • The use of ruagnan becomes less flexible if there are changes or developments in the organization.
  • Separating office space can make supervision more difficult.
  • Layered / roomy office layout requires a large space.


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