Juan Carlos Martin Ramos

Juan Carlos Martín Ramos. Spanish writer. He studied Hispanic Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid , where he got to know the poets of all times intimately.


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Biographical synthesis

Born in Belmez, Córdoba ( Spain ), in 1959 . For a few years of his life he was a puppeteer, like his grandmother.

Literary career

In 2003 he won the Lazarillo Prize for children’s literature, for the work entitled Poemamundi , with poems of free or traditional metrics, where the author reflects on the passage of time, the magic of reading and cultural relations worldwide.

His previous collection of poems, The words that the wind takes , won the Leer es Vivir award in 2002 , with texts of somewhat more traditional metrics. In 2008 he published Érase una … y otra vez , a book of poems that tells stories, some that do not end and others that add a new ending or a new incident to well-known stories. Songs and words of another song ( 2009 ), is a book where the author plays with the memory of some traditional children’s songs and with some recognizable forms and formulas (songs, lullabies, dialogues, calligrams). A book, illustrated by Rebeca Luciani, to play at reading. The Magic Carpet (2010 ), illustrated by Cristina Müller, is dedicated to imagination, reading, fantasy, big and small things that fill people’s lives with magic. In Mailbox of voices ( 2011 ), with illustrations by Juan Vidaurre.

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