Is obesity the pandemic of the 21st century?

When we hear the word pandemic, we automatically think of the difficult times that virtually the entire world has faced in recent years in connection with the disease COVID-19. While the population is currently able to defend itself against the coronavirus, another pandemic threatens humanity – stealthily, subtly and even more insidiously

. It has been gaining strength for several decades and it is very difficult to fight it. We are talking about obesity, which has been proven to result in far more premature deaths than any other disease historically. The good news is that we know the cure for obesity – the bad news is that a significant part of the population does not see obesity as a disease, is unwilling to undergo treatment, and what is more, passes this reluctance on to future generations.

Developed countries, including European ones, are facing the problem of obesity the most. “In Europe, more than 53% of the population is overweight, and the Czech Republic has been at the top of this unflattering list for some time. In the Czech Republic, six out of ten adults are overweight, and one in five is obese. Traditionally, this fact is downplayed and socially judged “only” from a visual point of view. At the same time, the people themselves who face obesity usually feel firsthand that the extra kilograms do not only mean a higher number in the ready-made size, but more frequent visits to the doctor, movement restrictions, psychological difficulties, and even in many cases even lower chances of professional employment . He has obesity as a health complicationresults in a significantly higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, diseases of the skeletal and joint system , respiratory diseases and, last but not least, a higher risk of cancer,” clarifies PaedDr. Tomáš Ulč, MBA, nutritionist and nutritional therapist of EUC Clinic Plzeň.   

What is behind obesity?

There are several reasons – from genetic factors, stressful living conditions, a low level of appeal in the field of healthy lifestyle education, to the approach to one’s own life as a unique value. At the same time, health care should be a matter of course for everyone. Why isn’t that the case?“You could say that people think more hedonistically when it comes to taking care of their own bodies, which is reflected in the environment in which we live. We spoil ourselves with the abundance and easy availability of tasty food, passive relaxation or entertainment associated with the consumption of alcohol. Many people defend these activities by saying that they are small pleasures in life. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the occasional reward, but if these rewards are the order of the day, it’s more of a cycle that will take its toll sooner or later. The human body is an ingenious biological machine whose requirements, from today’s perspective, are relatively modest. These include, of course, a diet that corresponds energetically and biologically to needs (with an excess as damaging as a deficiency), regular physical activity that increases physical fitness, mental hygiene, healthy social relationships or quality and sufficient sleep. Let’s all look into our consciences, how well are we meeting these basic needs, and if not, do we deserve a reward?’poses a question for reflection PaedDr. Tomáš Ulč, MBA.

You can start fighting extra pounds at any time

The important message for all of us is that it is never too late to start. Most of those who have already decided to change their lifestyle would surely confirm to you that every small step for the better brings the right reward, boosting self-confidence and reducing health risks. The sooner we start the change, the sooner the transformation will be easier and faster. An expert in the field of nutritional therapy can also help you with this in the beginning, who will not only provide his know-how, which comes from experience, but above all he will be the one who will motivate you not to give up on the way to a better quality of life


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