Irene Papas

Irene Papas. Was an actress of cinema and theater and singing Greek, has played more than seventy roles over more than half a century career.


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Biographical synthesis

He was born on 9 March as as 1926 in Chilomodion , Greece .


Her beginnings were as a singer and dancer. He made his film debut in his country in 1950 , later he worked in the United States , France , Spain , Italy and England , even in a western like The Law of the Gallows (Robert Wise, 1956 ). He achieved international fame with films such as The Guns of Navarone and Zorba the Greek. It was Electra ( 1961 ), Elena in The Trojans (1971), Clytemnestra in Iphigeneia (1977). Later he worked in To each his own, (E. Petri, 1967 ), Putative father, (Alberto Lattuada, 1974), Christ stood at Eboli, (Franco Rossi, 1979 ) and Z, (Costa Gavras, 1969).

He resumed his career with the colossal television film The Odyssey, produced by Francis Ford Coppola . In the new version of the Homeric poem she plays the role of Ulysses’ mother, Anticlea. In the previous one, carried out 30 years ago by Franco Rossi, he played Penelope. In the world of music he sang for the musician Vangelis , first in the group Aphrodite’s Child and later on the records Odes ( 1979 ) and Rapsodies ( 1985 ). The 7 of December of 2001 was nominated as “Woman of Europe” in Brussels, for his contribution to the promotion of European cultural identity.


  • 1961 : Antigone
  • 1962 : Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Elektra)
  • 1962: Union of Greek Film Critics (Elektra)
  • 1969 : New York Film Critics Circle (Z)
  • 1971 : National Board of Review (The Trojan Women)
  • 1985 : Fennecus Awards (Into the Night)
  • 1989 : Australian Film Institute (Island)
  • 1993 : Hamptons International Film Festival (Distinguished Achievement Award)
  • 1993: Flaiano Prize for Theater (Career Award)
  • 2000 : Madrid National Arts Institution (Career Award)
  • 2000: International Festival Women’s films (Career Award)
  • 2001 : University of Rome (Doctorate in Arts and Letters)
  • 2002 : Woman of Europe Award (Career Award)


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