Ioannis Metaxas

Ioannis Metaxas . It was a general and Greek politician that the 4 of August of 1936 established a fascist dictatorship in Greece that made last until his death in 1941 .

Biographical synthesis

He was born on December of April of 1871 , son of a cefalonium official and his wife, a woman proviniente the Greek region of Macedonia. Although he was born on Ithaca, his family soon moved to the neighboring island, Kefalonia, and Metaxas always considered himself Cephalonian. After studying at the Argostoli municipal school, Metaxas began his military career and already in 1897 he participated in the battle of Thessaly against Turkey.

After the war, Metaxas was chosen along with a few other companions as the best of his class, and was awarded a scholarship to pursue military studies at the prestigious Prussian War Academy, where he learned German and admired the virtues of Prussian military genius and culture. German, admiration and respect that would accompany him forever.

Upon returning from Germany, he again joined the army as a senior position, where he participated in the modernization process of the Greek army.

In 1912 and 1913 , Metaxas took part in the Balkan Wars, against Turkey first and against Bulgaria later. His heroic participation in the Balkan Wars – in which he participated as a military man and as a diplomat in the Bulgarian capital – led to him being promoted to General and Chief of the General Staff.


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