Impossible game | The list of the most difficult video games

Impossible game : what are the games that didn’t make us sleepy given their difficulty?

The list is certainly long but we have tried to isolate the three most representative titles in this category, trying to space a little between the decades.

We start from an assumption: the simplicity / difficulty of a game is certainly to be related to the skill of the player, however there are games that are considered practically unanimously as very, very difficult.

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Impossible game | The list of the most difficult video games

Obviously a game developer should not go too far either way: a game that is too simple is likely to bore, one that is too difficult is likely to become frustrating. In both cases the player will lose interest.

Now let’s try to go into more detail, browsing our gaming collection in search of the most captivating and avid challenges carried out over the years.


Let’s immediately dive back in time to the beginning of the Nineties, more precisely in 1991, the year of Battletoads release. Published on NES, according to many this is really the most difficult video game to end of all time.

The plot, in short: three super pumped frogs (they look like a mix of Ninja Turtles and Street Sharks) must save a Princess. Getting to embrace the beautiful Angelica, however, will make you sweat all the shirts in the wardrobe.


Let’s move now in 2009, for another title with a very high difficulty coefficient, which has now become a cult. Let’s talk about the second episode of ArmA, apparently a simple war game . Here, no.

Realism is so frustrating as to burden you with an unspeakable anxiety: just like on the actual battlefield, very little is needed to find yourself dead. Having the patience to go ahead with the game certainly means being stoic and, as in the Apocalypse Now movie, looking “horror, horror” in the face …

Dark Souls

Chronologically we come to the present day, with one of the most popular titles ever for the millennials generation. Dark Souls deserves to be on this list on the one hand for the very high difficulty of the game , but also because it has managed to overturn the very concept of difficulty within the videogame world , making errors and death of the fundamental building blocks for growth of the game itself.

Impossible game: what are the games that have “unnerved” you?

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