Importance of Gender

When we talk about gender, the first thing that comes to mind is masculine and feminine. If we see it from the linguistic point of view, we are faced with a way of differentiating words . This difference can be given by the historical use of it or by which linguists choose to give it.

Where there may be more problems is in the interpretation that is made about gender as a concept. Although it is true that the strong have always been associated with the masculine and the weak with the feminine, the reality is that gender has nothing to do with it and that people, both women and men, are on equal terms.

The genre should serve only to catalog and not to describe subjective observations that, in reality, are not based on real concepts.
The genre, in fact, what it does is facilitate the reality in which the human being coexists and helps in everything related to science. It is clear that it is necessary to catalog flora and fauna, including ourselves, by their gender, but anything that is not strictly scientific can fall into subjectivity.

Subjectivity is personal and individual, so we can load everything related to gender with prejudice. This, if we see gender from a biological point of view. If we see it from the point of view of the subject it deals with, we can speak of the literary, musical, cinematographic genre, the social sciences , etc. That is, we can speak of genres, artistic, literary, scientific, philosophical, etc.

Thanks to this concept we can differentiate without discriminating, we can understand our reality from the biological point of view, but also from the cultural, economic and social point of view of a country. The importance is that thanks to the genre we have been able to catalog any word or concept and it can be done with all the new words and concepts that may appear.

Likewise, it must be borne in mind that when speaking of gender, any type of negative connotation must be left aside, since, if not, it will affect the normal coexistence or acceptance of the gender of a word, concept or any other element. cataloging.

The relevance of gender is not in its cataloging, it is in the personal, individual and subjective interpretation that we make of it. Gender differentiates us, catalogs us and, at the same time, equals us.


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