Importance of Exploits

The exploits as facts that allow us to escape from the daily routine.- We understand by feat (being feats its plural) to all that action that is performed heroically, which involves a demonstration of values ​​such as courage, bravery but also intelligence and the strength (in addition to many times the physical dexterity) that also breaks with the daily or daily routine of a person. In general terms, the feat is something out of the ordinary, extraordinary in the most basic sense of this word.

Thus, when we talk about feats, it is not necessary for us to talk about extremely complicated things but they have to do with the possibility of doing something different that is striking and is also positive, for example rescuing a kitten that cannot get down from a tree. The importance of feats is directly related to the possibility that human beings have to experience various situations and the way we have to act in them: while some do it with cowardice or negligence, others act with courage and intelligence.

The exploits, a typical element of the identity of the Middle Ages

Although many times vilified for its extreme religiosity, its obscurantism and its violence, the Middle Ages is rescued as a historical period precisely because of the stories and legends that there are of people who performed feats of great importance. Medieval exploits often have to do with wonderful battles and confrontations in the field, of warriors and noble knights as well as maidens and princesses who were encouraged to break with their reality.

All this, whether real or not, is an important part of the identity of the Middle Ages, a time when the accomplishment of feats and adventures was an essential part of the mentality. We can also find these questions in previous times such as in Antiquity when navigators and merchants roamed huge seas and oceans in search of wonderful beings.

The notion of feat today. How do we understand this concept?

Very unlike what happened in the Middle Ages, in the current era the exploits have lost a bit of force in the societies in which we live, in which everything is an endless routine of schedules and dates to meet but there is little space for courageous and adventurous actions.

However, we can talk about great and small feats that will have to do much more with personal decisions and searches, such as being able to swim across a river or conquer wild spaces, travel, defend the planet, save endangered animals , help other people needing assistance etc. All these questions are the new forms of feats that have a lot to do with the world in which we live today and are largely important for the shaping of our identity.


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