Importance of Cooperativism

From the origins of humanity that man has understood that if he joins other individuals, not only was he going to obtain Better Resources but he was notoriously increasing his performance and his capacity both at the time of Hunting and Gathering as well as the profits that were he gave to what had been obtained from his expeditions, being therefore the initial kick to give rise to the Primitive Societies that derived in groups such as tribes or villages.

Thus, a progressive and constant evolution was established, establishing different Exchange Networks that led to what later became commerce, and different forms of work led to the creation of Companies or Companies that sought to obtain a profit or revenue facilitating the exchange with others similar, and having a particular form of organization .

Among these work methodologies, we find Cooperatives in the modern world , having a company in which their conformation is not given in a hierarchical sense, where there is an individual who is the owner, leader or who commands the actions of the rest of their members or employees, but in this case all members are considered at the same level.

The Cooperativismo , then, suggests that there is primarily an Equal conditions within a specific field of work, having not only access to the same benefits Economic but also sebusque that everyone has the same capacity and Empowered by performing assemblies, meetings, collective decisions and different ways of applying democracy .

Despite this choice of the Work Methodology , they do not differ too much from companies that have a hierarchical organization, since Cooperatives also have to define their Purpose or Company Name , setting different objectives and setting themselves in a certain category depending on the majority decision. of its partners.


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