Importance of Adaptation

The adaptation shows the fight for survival on a human level as Darwin explained well. Life is change, everything flows and nothing remains, we live under constant changes in the work environment, on a personal level and in life itself.

Beyond the routine of the days, each day is different, unexpected things happen , unforeseen events occur that break with the programmed agenda. In fact, life teaches you that the most important thing is to apply the carpe diem and live the now because life does not conform to a previous script.

The adaptation shows the capacity for self- improvement that exists in the human heart and the mental flexibility to assume the circumstances of life. In this sense, the adaptation to good news is simple and pleasant. However, adaptation to sad news is difficult, slower and takes longer to process information .

In fact, despite the fact that the human being has the ability to adapt , when faced with dramatic news, the usual first reaction is usually denial, which is a defense mechanism to reduce the pain of the unpredictable. Adaptation is so important that for this reason, human beings of the 21st century also tend to live planning for the future, preparing for what they suppose is to come.

The adaptation is a capability that is trained and acquired through the practice of living itself. Each person has to follow his own path because nobody lives in someone else’s skin. The sense of humor is one of the great allies in the adaptation process because humor helps to relativize circumstances. Among the important changes that mark the life of a person within an adaptive process , we can list a change of employment , an unexpected dismissal, a move, a change of city, a breakup of a partner … these changes fully touch the essence of person. However, in every change, there is always something that remains. And it is what we can hold on to to get ahead.

There are movies that are perfect for reflecting on the importance of adapting to change, even to the most adverse situations. This is the case, for example, of The Book Thief.

Adaptation to change is accompanied on the emotional level by a little stress because when the human being has to leave his comfort zone and leave the safe and familiar terrain, he feels uncomfortable. However, we adapt to the new since we are babies. This is shown, for example, in the process of crawling or learning to walk.


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