Ilde de Orula

Ilde de Orula. Collar should be imposed only by a priest of Ifa , which means the covenant he made Orula with death .


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Ilde de Orula is green and yellow .


This should be imposed only by a priest of Ifa .


The same means the pact that Orula made with death so that she would not touch her children but when she dictates that her destiny on earth has ended. When the ilde breaks or necklace (eleke), you should immediately call your godfather of Ifa , because something is wrong and you need to determine the reason for the breakup.


Receiving this initiation ceremony means that your destiny, your mission, your possibilities and weaknesses will be revealed to you. According to the tradition of Ifa , all beings coming to the world kneel before Olodumare ( God ) and choose a destination to complement its way through the underworld. The only witness to this fact is Orunmila , the deity of wisdom and possessor of the Ifá oracle . Before approaching Olodumare’s chamber and in the course of preparing for his journey to Earth, most of the people come for divination to theHeavenly Ifá priests and a sacrifice is recommended for them to develop their projects in a favorable way. However, on the way from Heaven to Earth (the womb ) we forget all this and it is only through the ceremony of receiving Orunmila that we can remember him.


If you live according to your destiny, strive to be the best you can be, and fulfill sacrifices , you will find happiness. If he became a farmer, try to make the best harvest , but don’t try to be a banker, because it will be a sad caricature of himself.

Orunmila’s reception

Orunmila is received by faith, for believing in him. To respect and serve you. Just because Orunmila helps you get your wishes doesn’t mean you receive it as a credit card . Do not receive Orunmila to travel or to get money, he is not the emigration department or any bank . Remember that Orunmila knows what is inside your heart . It will be granted what is within your reach and according to the sacrifice you have made. Receiving Orunmila and the Orishas means having someone to lean on when the world seems to fall on us or who to thank when lifeit brings us happy moments. With Orunmila you will never be alone. Take care of him, communicate with the heart that he will always come to his aid.


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