How to watch Formula 1 for free using a VPN

Want to watch F1 live? Whether it’s free practice, qualifying, sprint races or Grands Prix, it’s possible to watch Formula 1 for free. Using a VPN, you can access Formula 1 streaming sites including RTBF, which is an F1 channel that broadcasts everything for free.

How to watch Formula 1 for free using a VPN

Formula 1 fans are numerous around the world. With each season being filled with twists and turns, you never quite know what to expect from each Grand Prix.

Will Lewis Hamilton continue to raise his records? Will Max Verstapen make an aggressive maneuver that characterizes his driving style?

That’s not counting the race for the constructors’ title as Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and the others battle it out for the top.

How to watch F1 live via streaming in Canada?

In Canada, if we want to watch Formula 1, we have a few choices.

Of course, you can go through cable and watch everything live on RDS or TSN. You can also subscribe to the RDS and TSN streaming service for $20 per month.

Otherwise, you can also subscribe to the F1 TV service for a little over $80 for the full season.

Obviously all these options are paid and it can become expensive when you add them to all the other services to which you subscribe.

Where can you watch F1 for free?

Formula 1 fans who wish to watch the races with commentary in French can do so via the RTBF channel.

RTBF is a Belgian channel that happens to be an official Formula 1 broadcaster.

Only to have access to the RTBF stream and its Auvio application, you have to be physically in Belgium…

Unless you use a VPN!

How to watch formula 1 on the internet without paying?

Using a VPN, it is quite possible to watch Formula 1 for free via the stream provided by RTBF.

It’s not really a 100% free way to watch it, since you have to subscribe to a good VPN that can support the video stream. Still, a good VPN costs in the waters of $5 per month.

Much cheaper than subscribing to cable, RDS or TSN and F1 TV sites.

This is without taking into account that a VPN offers many other functionalities and advantages of use, including that of jumping geographical barriers as in this case.

How to watch Formula 1 for free using a VPN

What is a VPN and what is it for?

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So, every Friday, Saturday or Sunday, when you want to watch free practice, qualifying or the race, you just have to use your VPN.

We connect to a Belgian server, we create an account on the RTBF site and voila!

You can then watch F1 on your computer, tablet, phone or any other device on which you have your VPN.

Admittedly, these are not the comments of Pierre Houde and Bertrand Godin of RDS, but they are still in French


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