How to unlock Modern Warfare operators

You are a fan of Call of Duty , Activision’s famous shooter series, and in particular you are really enjoying the chapter called Modern Warfare , released in 2019. The only problem is that you still don’t understand how you can get the various characters. , or rather, the so-called operators present in the title.

If that’s the case, don’t worry: in this guide, I’ll show you in detail how to unlock operators in Modern Warfare . In case you were wondering, I will explain how to do this also regarding the “associated” title, or Call of Duty Warzone. This way you will have all the relevant information on how to get all the characters related to the Activision title.

What do you say? Are you ready to learn more about the operator release mechanism? Yup? Come on then, just follow the quick instructions below. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to unlock Modern Warfare operators
  • How to unlock Warzone operators

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to unlock operators in Modern Warfare , I think it may interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a “classic” chapter of Activision’s iconic shooter series. It was released in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One X and PC. In any case, as I already explained in my tutorial on how to install Call of Duty Modern Warfare , in 2020 Activision released a free title belonging to the Battle Royale genre: COD Warzone .

The latter was in a certain sense “integrated” into Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so much so that in some official screens you can read “Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone” and by downloading, for example, COD Warzone on PlayStation 4 you can buy COD Modern Warfare directly from the start menu.

In short, this short preamble serves to make a distinction between the two titles, since there is a bit of confusion and both allow you to unlock operators. In the case of Call of Duty Modern Warfare , characters can be used in multiplayer modes and Special Ops missions , while on Warzone they are clearly used within Battle Royale .

In case you don’t know, a character unlocked in COD Modern Warfare can be used in Warzone . However, there are some operators that can only be unlocked via the Campaign mode , while others wink more at the players of the Battle Royale title.

Operators change mainly on an aesthetic level , but in reality there are also differences in terms of voice , skills and equipment . For example, the operator Death , who has the features of the Italian artist Fabio Rovazzi, has a final move that involves an attack by Tuco , the raptor who accompanies the character in the game.

In short, I understand that the situation is a bit “confused” and in fact this tutorial is here to dispel any doubts regarding the possibility of unlocking the various characters within Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone.

How to unlock Modern Warfare operators

As mentioned in the introductory chapter of this guide , Modern Warfare is the “classic” title, that is the one that has a Campaign mode and the usual online modes. You can therefore choose, for example, which operator to use for the Special Ops cooperative missions (Special Operations).

In any case, the operators that can be unlocked in Modern Warfare (therefore by those who bought the “classic” title), are the following.

  • Thorne(English, Coalition SAS Fire Team): You must complete all the Piccadilly missions of the Campaign mode;
  • Otter(English, Coalition SAS Fire Team): Complete the mission called Operation Paladin of the Special Ops;
  • Minotaur(Russian, Spetsnaz): Get 300 kills with the assault rifle in multiplayer modes
  • Otter(English, Coalition SAS Fire Team): completes the Special Ops Operation Paladin mission;
  • Domino(French, Warcom): Win 5 matches in Clash mode
  • Golem(German, Warcom): complete the mission called Headhunter of the Special Ops;
  • Charly(English, Coalition SAS Fire Team): Complete 25 multiplayer games in public mode;
  • Wyatt(Australian, Warcom): Complete the mission called The Lair of the Campaign Wolf.
  • Krueger(Austrian, Chimera): perform 25 finishing moves in multiplayer modes;
  • D-Day(American, Demon Dogs): Complete the mission called Campaign Hunt;
  • Alice(American, Demon Dogs): Finish the mission called Operation Herald of the Special Ops;
  • Raines(American, Demon Dogs) – Get 500 LMG kills in multiplayer modes
  • Bale(Russian, Spetsnaz): Successfully complete the mission In the campaign furnace;
  • Grinch(unknown nationality, Jackals) – Get 100 headshots in multiplayer;
  • Rodion(Russian, Spetsnaz): Complete the Special Ops Operation Just mission;
  • Azur(Egyptian, Jackals): Complete the Old Comrades of the Campaign mission;
  • Alice(Mexican, Demon Dogs): Complete the mission called Operation Herald of the Special Ops;
  • Zane(Nigerian, Jackals): completes all Special Ops;
  • Yegor(Ukrainian, Chimera): Finish the mission called Proxy War of the campaign;
  • Syd(Americana, Chimera): Kill 5 Juggernauts in Special Ops.

In short, in short, the method to unlock the operators intended exclusively for those who have purchased Modern Warfare are essentially two: completing certain missions or achieving objectives in multiplayer modes or in Special Ops.

If you only have Call of Duty Warzone available and you have decided to buy Modern Warfare after learning how many operators it can allow you to unlock, I remind you that you can do it both in digital copy, for example on the PlayStation Store , and in physical copy, for example on Amazon .


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It must be said that some characters, for example Domino, which requires you to win 5 games in Clash mode, can be unlocked even without purchasing the game, but simply by taking advantage of initiatives such as the Free Weekends organized by Activision , which allow users of COD Warzone to play Modern Warfare multiplayer for a limited time .

For example, such an initiative took place in June 2020, as you can see on the official Activision blog . On that occasion, the Clash mode was made “free” and therefore Domino could be unlocked.

How to unlock Warzone operators

How do you say? Do you only have Call of Duty Warzone and are you interested in understanding which Operators you can unlock in this free Battle Royale title? No problem, I’ll explain immediately which characters you can bring into battle in this case. Of course, you can unlock the following operators with or without Modern Warfare .

  • Mil-Sim(Alliance): unlocks at the beginning, is the basic character if you have chosen the Alliance;
  • Mil-Sim(Coalition): unlocks at the beginning, it is the basic operator for the Coalition;
  • Mara(Venezuelana, Warcom): can be obtained by purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass or by unlocking one of its skins;
  • Ghost(English, Coalition SAS Fire Team): obtained by purchasing the Season 2 Battle Pass or by unlocking its skin;
  • Alex(American, Warcom): obtained by purchasing the Season 3 Battle Pass or unlocking one of its skins;
  • Price(English, Coalition SAS Fire Team): you must purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass or unlock one of its skins;
  • Lerch(Americano, Shadow Company): you need to purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass or unlock one of its skins;
  • Gaz(English, Coalition SAS Fire Team): obtained by purchasing the appropriate bundle from the Store;
  • Nikto(Russo, Spetsnaz): buy the appropriate bundle from the Store;
  • Mace(American, Jackals): buy his package from the Store;
  • Death(Italian, Fabio Rovazzi, Warcom): buy the appropriate bundle from the Store.
  • Talon(Canadian, Warcom): obtained through a bundle, available for purchase from the Store;
  • Ronin(American, Warcom): can be unlocked via the Store bundle;
  • Iskra(Urzkistan, Chimera): available via bundle. The latter can be purchased from the Shop;
  • Roze(Americana, Shadow Company): obtained through a bundle that can be purchased from the Store;
  • Zane(Nigerian, Jackals): generally it can be unlocked through MW, as explained in the previous chapter , but it can also be obtained through a free pack for PlayStation Plus users ;
  • Otter(English, Coalition SAS Fire Team): originally designed for MW, you can also take it home via a free pack with PS Plus ;
  • Krueger(Austrian, Chimera): it would be for MW, but it can be obtained by purchasing the Starter Pack for 4.99 euros;
  • Velikan(American, Shadow Company): can be unlocked through a bundle found in the Shop.

Put simply, Warzone requires you to purchase the Battle Pass or the appropriate bundles to unlock its Operators. Typically, the Battle Pass can be obtained for 1000 CP , while the Battle Pass Bundle , which also includes 20 tiers , typically costs 2400 CP . The latter is also the price at which bundles of individual operators can usually be purchased .

To give you a concrete example, the Death operator costs just 2400 CP . Generally the 2400 CP package is sold for 19.99 euros , while the 1100 CP package , useful for example to buy the “basic” version of the Battle Pass, costs 9.99 euros . It can even go as high as € 99.99 for 13,000 CP . In short, now you also know how to unlock Fabio Rovazzi in Call of Duty Warzone .

In any case, if you have no idea how to buy CP points , you should know that it is possible to do this both through the payment system offered by the platform you are playing on, for example the PlayStation Store , and through special vouchers with codes to redeem (some vouchers may require you to purchase the full game, hence Modern Warfare). The latter can be purchased through stores such as Amazon.


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For completeness of information, you should know that Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD Warzone are titles in constant evolution , so the developers may decide to make changes and additions to the operators at any moment. Either way, you can check out the available characters by accessing the OPERATORS tab from the Warzone main screen. On the right of each character you will find directions to unlock them .

For the rest, since you are a fan of the Activision title, I would like to advise you to take a look at some of my tutorials that may interest you. More precisely, you may find it useful to consult my guide on how to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare , as well as the tutorial on how to unlock the Grau on Warzone .


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