How to Unlock Falco in Melee

Learn how to unlock Falco in Melee and dominate your opponents in Super Smash Bros with his unique moves and strategies. Expert guide for all gamers!

How to Unlock Falco in Melee

How to Unlock Falco in Melee

To unlock Falco in Super Smash Bros. Melee, you need to complete one of the following methods:

  1. Play 300 Versus Mode matches: After playing 300 matches in the Versus Mode, you’ll get the chance to fight Falco in a Challenger Approaching match. Defeat him, and he’ll become a playable character.
  2. Complete the 100-Man Melee: Another way to unlock Falco is to successfully complete the 100-Man Melee. It doesn’t matter which character you use or how long it takes; as long as you defeat all 100 opponents, Falco will challenge you immediately afterward. Defeat him in this match, and he will be unlocked.

The 100-Man Melee can be challenging, so it might be helpful to use a character you are very comfortable with or one that has strong and efficient KO moves to clear opponents quickly. Characters with good aerial moves and recovery abilities can also be advantageous in the 100-Man Melee to avoid being knocked off the stage easily.

Falco Melee: Tips and Strategies

Now that you’ve unlocked Falco, it’s time to master his unique moves and abilities. Here are some tips and strategies to help you maximize your gameplay with this iconic character:

1. Master His Aerial Attacks

Falco’s aerial attacks are incredibly powerful, so take the time to practice them. His down aerial, an infamous “spike” move, can send opponents flying downwards. Use this move strategically to edgeguard and surprise your opponents.

2. Utilize His Blaster

Falco’s blaster is a versatile long-range move that can disrupt your opponent’s plans. Use it to create space and force your opponent to approach you, giving you the upper hand in battles.

3. Learn His Shine Combo

Falco’s shine, a unique reflector move, can be used to start devastating combo chains. Practice timing your shine followed by quick attacks or aerials to keep your opponent off-balance and rack up damage.

4. Experiment with His Up Smash

Falco’s up smash is a great kill move when used correctly. It has a wide range and can be utilized to punish opponents who are above you. Practice timing and positioning to land this powerful move.


Congratulations on unlocking Falco in Super Smash Bros Melee! With his fast-paced gameplay and powerful moves, he is a great addition to any player’s roster. Remember to practice his unique abilities and experiment with different strategies to truly dominate your opponents. So, get out there and show everyone what this avian warrior is capable of!


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