How To Store Vacation Photos

How To Store Vacation Photos.Manuscripts don’t burn. What about vacation memories? You always want to keep them longer, even if only in a photo. Exotic places, unusual views, new impressions – we are now capturing all this with a camera, most often a mobile one, but many people take additional cameras and action cameras on a trip.

How To Store Vacation Photos

Even a week can easily accumulate several gigabytes of images. But where and how to store all this gigantic archive so that it really is an archive, and not a chaotic list of frames with a meaningful name like “IMG 188_60”? KP photojournalist Ivan MAKEEV gives some advice on how to securely preserve the best moments of your trip.

The day before your trip: clean up your camera’s memory

  • What do I do while preparing for the trip? Be sure to clean the memory in the phone. This should be done regularly, and especially before a trip. It will be a shame if, as soon as you climb the mountain, you find that there is no place for new pictures. And according to the law of meanness, that is exactly what will happen. By the way, if you have an android, you can buy one or more microSD memory cards. On “apples” this, alas, is not possible.
  • The same is true if you take a separate camera with you – buy several flash drives. They are cheap now. It is useful to have a certain reserve of memory cards not only for volume, but also in case one of them fails. I had such situations a couple of times on business trips, the pocket does not pull the stock.

It is worth cleaning the memory of your phone or camera regularly, and especially before a trip.

How to sort the photos you have taken

And now you are on a long-awaited vacation. You shoot non-stop yourself, loved ones, unforgettable views, flower kitties. What to do with this amount of great pictures? There are several options. The first and most important is selection. As a photographer, I have always believed that it is not enough to shoot – it is equally important to select. Choose from many takes the best shot, well, a couple.

Simple cataloging also makes life much easier in the future. Put each new day in a separate folder. I usually name them in the form YY.MM.HH_Place name. For example “20_05_08_Iturup_volcano”.

Where to store photos

What to do to not lose great pictures?

  • Now cloud storage is extremely popular and available. They are inexpensive and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. But there is a nuance – you need the Internet and preferably fast. Otherwise, uploading photos can turn into hours of meditation.
  • I already talked about removable flash drives, but this advice is more suitable for cameras. However, you can also transfer excess volumes from your creative heritage to flash drives from your phone through an adapter.
  • And finally, his majesty’s laptop. Perhaps the most convenient tool. Now a huge number of light, compact and powerful models. Here you can also dump pictures on an external hard drive and process them in a graphics editor. By the way, about external drives: these are still very convenient things for storing everything in a row. I usually have a couple with me in case one “dies”.


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