How to stop receiving annoying Instagram emails in your email account

Instagram is among the most used applications by users who have smartphones because it allows you to share multimedia content instantly , to know the day to day of people.

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  1. How can Instagram send notifications to registered people?
    1. App notifications
    2. SMS messages
    3. with emails
  2. What are the types of notifications you can receive from Instagram?
    1. Email notifications for messages
    2. Reminders
    3. Product promotion
    4. Relevant news
  3. How do you configure the notifications you receive in your Instagram email?
    1. from Android
    2. With iPhone or iPad
    3. On Instagram Web
  4. What steps must be followed to change the registered email address?
    1. In the App on Android
    2. with iOS
    3. From the web version

How can Instagram send notifications to registered people?

There are various ways to inform Instagram users of notifications that pertain to you based on the content you follow and the interaction with your followers on posts. Here we describe some:

App notifications

In the lower strip you will find a heart-shaped icon , where you can see all the notifications that have come to you (viewed, liked, comments, among other published content). Similarly, by clicking on the upper left corner you can see the activity of the people you follow on Instagram.

SMS messages

Open the application, go to your profile page, press the icon of the 3 horizontal stripes located in the upper right corner, a side menu will be displayed where you must select the configuration option, press the notifications button, choose ‘Notifications by mail or SMS’ to configure those news that reach you only by these means.

with emails

Follow the steps mentioned in the previous item to enter notifications via email, in each tab you will enter a list of options where you can activate, activate in some cases or deactivate different types of notifications (likes, comments, likes in comments of photos where you are tagged, stories where you tagged someone , new followers, accepted requests, among others).

What are the types of notifications you can receive from Instagram?

If you are a user of this popular social network, you have the possibility to regulate the notifications you want to receive and their theme, whether it is only receiving news from a specific user or reminders to participate in a particular online event.

Email notifications for messages

In the email notifications option you have the opportunity to activate or deactivate product messages, reminders, news and comments on Instagram . According to this choice, the text messages that will be sent to the number affiliated with your account will be conditioned, it is necessary that you have the messaging option activated. The same one where you can delete the messages from the mobile. 


It is widely used in Digital Marketing to schedule live broadcasts , for this you must: open your application, press the (+) icon, click on ‘live’, put it on a black screen, to schedule go to the calendar, define a date , give that video a title, select ‘start’ to set a date and time for your broadcast, place a review and share as a post.

Product promotion

Instagram is an ideal platform for any entrepreneur or consolidated company to advertise their services massively, for this you can use Instagram Shopping . In addition to this, this social network is continually reinventing itself, which is why its popular notifications include news about its products and related applications.

Relevant news

In order to activate important notifications you must follow that account first , for which you must follow the following steps: open the Instagram application, go to the account in which you want to activate notifications, press following, choose notifications.

Select the notifications you want to turn on (posts, stories, IGTV or live broadcasts made by the account). In this way, your notifications will indicate if the selected account registers any type of activity.

How do you configure the notifications you receive in your Instagram email?

If you frequently use the Instagram platform, you may experience the situation of both receiving multiple notifications in your email and not receiving any notifications at all . Next, we will teach you how to configure your Instagram notifications to adapt them to your preferences.

from Android

To activate or deactivate notifications from your Android mobile, you must go directly to the application, open it and follow the following steps:

  1. Click on your profile picture icon,which is located in the bottom right corner. 2. Go to the profile menu located in the upper right corner, denoted by a 3-stripe icon. 3. Choose the last option called configuration, a menu will be displayed where you must select ‘notifications’. 4. You will find a button named ‘Pause All’.

With iPhone or iPad

The first thing we need to know is if we have Instagram notifications activated, to find out we must: Go to the cell phone settings, select notifications, in the list of Apps choose Instagram , make sure that the notifications tab is active. In addition to this, it allows you to configure the sound, destination of the notification.

On Instagram Web

To view notifications from your Instagram Web as if you were watching them from a mobile, you must download an extension to your Chrome browser called WebClient for Instagram, add it to the browser and when you click on the icon, all the account information will appear.

What steps must be followed to change the registered email address?

If you registered your Instagram user account with a false, expired, hacked email or simply forgot the password. Do not worry, this does not represent the end of your account, you just have to follow the following steps.

In the App on Android

Enter the application, press the edit profile option, just below the profile information you will find your current email, click on the email you want to change , replace it, open your new email and confirm it with the code that arrives in the tray input.

with iOS

The main difference on Instagram between Android and iOs lies in the content of the stories. For the rest, the way to navigate the platform in these two operating systems is to follow the procedure mentioned to replace email.

From the web version

Log in, go to your account, click on edit profile, in the email option replace the current email with any other email, select send, when the saved profile option appears , go to the email and confirm that you have added it.


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