How to send voice messages on Instagram

It is incredible how many things we can do by sending messages , among which we can mention remembering important dates towards one or more people. Provide personal information, ask someone’s status and among many other things.

Therefore, social networks have developed and evolved in such a way that even sending messages have improved, such as voice notes. Which appears on all social networks, and therefore on this occasion the respective process for sending it will be explained.

Although at the beginning, sending a voice note in most cases was only possible through WhatsApp, today this action was also integrated into social networks such as Instagram . Thus, it has become a very useful trend.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a well-known social network worldwide, which was recently bought by the Facebook company. The main purpose of the network is the publications through images that all its users can make, which makes being within the network very entertaining.

In addition, Instagram has another interesting aspect, is that the profiles are not described by the user’s name . If not by a nickname which can be constituted by the fusion of several syllables of the name, or any other thing or word that arises from the user’s imagination.

What kind of people use Instagram?

All people who have an Android or iOS cell phone at their disposal can download the official Instagram application. Even some Facebook users when they get bored of being there, go to Instagram in search of different or newer content .

What really changes is that some types of people visit this network more often than others. For example, it is much more common for women to visit the network more often than men, since on average the female gender tends to be more photogenic than the male gender.

It also applies to people who seek fame, since on Instagram followers are handled a lot (people who follow users and who can see all their content). And for them, the more followers their account has, the higher level of popularity they can achieve. There are some tricks to gain more followers .

What can I use Instagram for?

Instagram has different uses, you can even earn money and this is due to the enormous traffic of people who are on the social network , since in a way, the network is as versatile as Facebook, the problem is that it is not as innovative.

Among the things we can do on Instagram is job search, and despite how strange it sounds it is a reality. Many people post both on job supply and on demand, and thanks to the easy contact that the network allows, some jobs have been established.

Also, some people use this platform to promote the sale of an item. For example, by uploading a story or a post on Instagram showing a product that we want to sell, everyone we know will have this information, so the sale is more likely. We show you some tricks to have more visits in your stories.

How to send or send voice messages on Instagram?

To send a voice message on Instagram we must establish a ” direct  , ie a private chat. If you want to send an audio to a person with whom you have not yet written, you should look for that person in the search section.

We can use his nickname, or his name although sometimes it does not appear, when you find it we click on it and then select the message option. When the interface appears, select the button with a microphone and automatically the program will start recording the voice ,

This tool is very useful for users with long conversations, since instead of taking several minutes to send texts to the other person, it emits a note that only takes one or two minutes. Although of course, we must make sure that the note is heard clearly and at a good volume


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