How to send audio on PC with WhatsApp Web?

Most instant messaging applications have their web version that is usually used on PC , as is the case with apps like Telegram and WhatsApp. These applications are so popular that they need to meet the needs of their users on devices such as computers. 

In this case we will be talking specifically about WhatsApp and its web version . Although this has a slightly different interface from the mobile version, the truth is that they share practically the same functions, such as configuring and managing chats and groups .

How to Send Audios on PC with WhatsApp Web? – Send Voice Notes

Send files, images, videos, even voice notes, and this time we will tell you how to do the latter, so if you want to find out how to send audio on WhatsApp Web from your PC , keep reading.

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  1. What are the steps to send voice notes on WhatsApp Web?
  2. What is needed to send audio on WhatsApp Web?
    1. A PC with a microphone
    2. Give permission to use the microphone
  3. How to send MP3 audio on WhatsApp web?

What are the steps to send voice notes on WhatsApp Web?

Sending voice notes has become a very daily activity in our lives, surely you send one at least once a day.

Can you imagine having a WhatsApp where voice notes cannot be sent? It would be a bit of WhatsApp that would be missing something very important, and that is why despite the limitations that computers may have, WhatsApp has managed to send voice notes in its web version .

On mobiles it is so easy to send voice notes because practically any phone has a built-in microphone, however, on computers, this is not usually such a common component unless you have a laptop.

With what we are telling you, we are already telling you that it is mandatory to have a microphone on your computer to be able to send notes, since this will be the component that will collect the audio that you will send, what are we trying to tell you? Well, if you don’t have a microphone on your computer, you won’t be able to send voice notes on WhatsApp Web.

In case you do have the microphone, you just have to log in to WhatsApp Web , enter the chat where you will send the audio, press the microphone symbol and start recording your message.

What is needed to send audio on WhatsApp Web?

In the point above we anticipate that it is necessary to have a microphone to record audio on WhatsApp Web, but another little thing is also necessary that we are going to comment on below.

A PC with a microphone

We already explained this to you; Without a microphone on your computer, you won’t be able to record voice memos . It can be an external microphone or integrated into the PC, but the important thing is that you have a microphone.

Give permission to use the microphone

When you go to record a voice note from WhatsApp web for the first time, the application will ask you to grant permissions to use the microphone. This is not complicated at all, because it is simply enough for you to accept the notice that will skip you so that you have granted the permissions.

However, we give you an extra recommendation, and that is that if your WhatsApp Web voice notes are not heard, you must grant the permissions to the microphone again, or even do a sound test to make sure it is fine. .

If your PC has more than one microphone, we recommend that in its options, you choose which of all the microphones you have on your computer you want to use as the default, as this will be the one WhatsApp uses to record audio. 

How to send MP3 audio on WhatsApp web?

Sending MP3 audio via WhatsApp Web is also possible, so if you want to send a friend a song that you have on your computer via WhatsApp, there won’t be any problem.

Unlike the WhatsApp app, in WhatsApp Web when you click on the paperclip icon within a chat to share a file , you don’t get an audio option as such, so you’ll have to go through a slightly different process.

What you need to do is share your MP3 file with the “Document” option of the WhatsApp chat clip. When you click on that option, you just have to search the folders on your computer for the MP3 file you want to send, upload it to the chat, send it and that’s it.


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