How To Read Body Language:8 Practical Examples

How to Read Body language is a very important subject with other people. Did you ever pay attention to facial expressions of a person when he is talking to you? Did you know that facial expressions and body language of the person can express the true emotions and feelings that he felt even though at that time he was trying hard to cover it up? Or maybe you rarely notice. The brain is your mind control unit.

Reading body language can make a big difference when you want to assesses someone’s personality. It’s all about psychology, For example: if you often smile, you will feel happier. If you sit up straight, you will feel more energetic Broadly speaking, how you sit, how you stand, how you use your hands and feet, as well as what you do when talking to someone are the main features of body language.

I have written about male body language and female body language as well.I will tell you practical examples how you can read Body Movements.

Universal Micro expression

Facial expressions that reflect one’s emotions, There are universal seven micro expressions. Namely: disgustanger fearsadnesshappinesssurprise and hate.You can see examples and pictures about micro expression her as follows

How To Read Body Language


Daily life Common body language Cues.

How To Read Body Language: 8 Practical Examples

You should also pay attention to know the cues lies in a particular context.

Face touching: hand touching the mouth, hands closing the mouth, hands touching chin, reveals lack of confidence and the introverted person.

Hand touching: scratching hand, shaking hand, toyed with the fingers; bite-bite finger shows a person’s nervousness and restlessness.

Crossing arms: folded arms crossed her arms and so that could also signals of the closure.

Leaning backward: leaning shoulder on the back may imply dishonesty and laziness.

How To Read Body Language When People Lie.

How To Read Body Language: 8 Practical Examples

Our subconscious is connected by the truth; Even the most skilled liar is not able to control it. You can when someone make lie they show these expressions.

Shut mouth and cough. People instinctively shut his mouth when lying. They try to stop their mouth to issue lies.

Touching the nose: Touching nose as a form of ‘pun’ of silence:

Looked away:

People who lie always want to turn the view in the other direction.

 Increased blink of an eye:

They increase blink of eye as a form of nervousness of someone who is lying.

 Legs crossed (sitting)
with legs crossed is a defensive sign. This position is also prohibited by the protocol to the English Court.

Legs Crossed knee.  

This is a Classical position that induces decency and education.
Doubly Legs Crossed:

A sign of self-protection. Legs folded under the chair: shows that the person is shy or does not understand what is said to him.

legs crossed while standing betray shyness, reserve. A person stomps bored or exasperated.

The pointer foot
The toe unconsciously refers to the person with whom one wants to talk. If the foot does not point person, it is the other person is not interested in the discussion or the individual. If we intervene in an argument between two people (their feet parallel facing) and that their tips do not open is that it is not desired in the conversation.

Some Other Gestures:

How To Read Body Language: 8 Practical Examples

Touching face

Touching the face with his hand (especially touching the nose) is considered by many people as a sign of falsehood considered.

Scratching at the side of the neck or head

This is a typical sign of doubt and uncertainty. Some fellows, this is even viewed as a sign of a lie.

Playing with the shirt collar

There is hardly a clearer sign for someone discomfort, as if he is playing with the shirt collar, this is in a situation that he wants to leave quickly.

Support the head with hands

“I’m bored.” Exactly you say with this gesture. We see this often in schools, at universities or in seminars (especially if it is a mandatory seminar in a company). Usually you put your hand on table or chair that indicates you don’t like to do work any more.

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