How to put Google Chrome bookmarks on the Mac’s Dock

Are you a Google Chrome user on Mac? If so, what you will find along these lines you will surely like. With this little “trick” you can add your favorite websites to the Mac’s Dock and thus access your favorite pages even faster, those that you access every day and perhaps more than once.

This is a little-known trick, but one that will undoubtedly help you save time every day. Something that may seem like a small thing, but I assure you that if you need to access certain sites several times a day, you can do it more easily and with much less friction.

In a way, this function is similar to placing shortcuts to certain websites on the home screen of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, but in this case applied to the Mac.

Add Chrome bookmarks to the Dock on Mac

To add a Chrome bookmark or bookmark to your Mac’s Dock, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Mac and access the website that you want to place in the Dock. In this example I am going to use
  2. Click on the star icon next to the web address and save it as a favorite.
  3. Click on the newly added marker and without releasing the mouse button or the trackpad, drag it to the Dock, specifically to the area next to the Recycle Bin.

Once these steps have been carried out, you will see that next to the Trash a new icon in the shape of a planet appears. Clicking on it will open the web browser that you have assigned by default on the Mac and it will directly load the web to which it is associated .

Another alternative method to achieve this and that will allow you to do it without first creating a bookmark in Chrome is to access the web and once inside click on the icon that appears just before the web address and drag it to the same area of ​​the Dock as commented previously.

It is important to mention that the icon must always be on the right side of the Dock , that is, next to the Recycle Bin. The reason is that the left part is reserved for applications, while the right side accepts files, folders, shortcuts and bookmarks as in this case.

In case you are a Safari user, you should know that this tip works the same way, so the process is identical, only you must do it from the browser developed by Apple.

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