How to professionally create an animated banner in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is one of the best tools for creating presentations in the world. Everyone already knows this, but what they don’t know is that it can also be used to create other types of projects on their sheets that are not necessarily slides. With that in mind, today you will learn how to create an animated banner in PowerPoint.

And no, no one has gone crazy, it is possible to create a banner in PowerPoint and even put (simple) animations on it, and then use it on any website without any problem (it should not surprise you, since in PowerPoint you can even create a professional poster ). Best of all, the application, despite not being exactly design, brings many tools that help in the process.

Create an animated banner in PowerPoint

As you already read that it is possible to create the banner, then you have to get straight to the point. But, before I start the explanation to create an animated banner in PowerPoint, it should be noted that this process is just an example for you to learn the tools that you can use (it is recommended to find out how to use the animation panel if you do not know it yet so that you can understand well what follows).

Now, first you have to open your program on the computer. Then, you must follow the following steps: go to the tab at the top called ” Insert “, and there in the bar that will appear below click on the option called ” Forms “.

Choose the shape you want (it is best to choose a rectangle, since it is a banner), when you have it selected, click on your slide to extend it and create it (it can be the diameter you want).


Then go back to shapes and select a line this time. Place two of these (the thickest), next to the rectangle vertically, so that it looks like a painting with legs.

Next, take another line and place it horizontally, under the rectangle (it has to be parallel to it and touching the previous lines).

With that you should have a kind of rectangular box. To give it the color you want, you just have to select the option “Shape fill” , and if you want to edit the edges then you must press “Shape outline” (both appear when you press the elements of your work).

All this will allow you to have the main structure of the banner, so in the following steps you will see how to add text, images, among others.

Final editing steps (animation and editing)

Now that you know the above, you are one step closer to creating an animated banner in PowerPoint , so the next thing you will see is how to add text and other elements.

For the letters, go to ” Insert ” and then click on the ” WordArt ” section, choose the style you want and make it square within the rectangle. For the same images, go to the same section, look for an image and have it fit in the banner.

Having that ready, stand again on one of the elements, and press right click, this will bring up a drop-down menu where you must choose ” Design ” and then “Background format” , there edit the background color.


Finally, copy the main slide twice, then go to the ” Animations ” tab and choose the one that best suits your style. It should be noted that each element can be given a different animation separately, you just have to select the numbers that will appear above them and modify the animation effect.

When finished, check how your banner looked by hitting F5, and then simply save your creation. With that you can now create an animated banner in PowerPoint from scratch.

In the event that you do not want to use any tool to create the rectangular structure, you can scroll to the option “Page setup”, here a box will appear to select the size of the slide, choose ” Banner ” and then click ” OK “. Then edit it again with the previous steps, as only a few layout options will appear.

Now go to your program and get to work. Remember to complement this information by looking for how to animate text one word at a time in PowerPoint? , or how to animate a character to simulate walking? , so that you can add more professional effects to your banner.


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