How to Play Super Mario Bros Crossover

Learn how to play Super Mario Bros Crossover, an online game that combines characters from different video game franchises. Master the controls, utilize power-ups, and follow our expert tips to dominate the game.

How to Play Super Mario Bros Crossover.

How to Play Super Mario Bros Crossover.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover” is a fan-made crossover game that allows players to play “Super Mario Bros.” with characters from other classic games, each with their own unique abilities. Here’s a basic guide on how to play:

Starting the Game

  1. Access the Game: Since it’s a fan-made game, you’ll need to find a website hosting it. Simply search for “Super Mario Bros. Crossover” online.
  2. Select Your Character: When you start, you’ll be able to choose from various characters, such as Mario, Link (from “The Legend of Zelda”), Simon Belmont (from “Castlevania”), Mega Man, and Samus Aran (from “Metroid”), among others. Each character brings elements from their original games, including their movement abilities, attack methods, and special abilities.

Game Controls

  • Arrow Keys: Move your character left or right, and climb up or down ladders.
  • Z or X Keys: These are usually the action buttons, used for jumping or using a character’s special ability or attack. The exact function can vary depending on the character you’re playing.
  • Space Bar: Typically used to select a character or start a level.

Gameplay Tips

  • Familiarize Yourself with Each Character: Each character has unique abilities that can change how you navigate levels. For example, Mega Man has a ranged attack, Link can use a shield to block projectiles, and Simon Belmont has a whip with a wide attack range.
  • Understand Level Design: Levels are designed based on the original “Super Mario Bros.” but playing with different characters can make them feel entirely new. Use each character’s abilities to your advantage to navigate and find new paths or secrets.
  • Power-Ups: Characters can collect power-ups similar to those in “Super Mario Bros.,” but they often have unique effects depending on the character. For instance, a mushroom might give one character a health boost while it gives another character a new attack.


  • Choose Characters Wisely: Some levels might be easier with certain characters based on their abilities. For example, characters with ranged attacks might be better in levels with many enemies, while characters with better jumping abilities might excel in platform-heavy levels.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: As with any game, practice helps. Each character controls differently, so spend time learning how to best maneuver and attack with each one.

Since “Super Mario Bros. Crossover” is a fan game, it’s important to play it on reputable websites to avoid potential security risks. Enjoy exploring this unique twist on a classic game, blending different gaming universes into one nostalgic experience.


Super Mario Bros Crossover offers an incredible gaming experience by bringing together beloved video game characters in a nostalgic setting. With its diverse gameplay and challenging levels, the game ensures long hours of entertainment. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you will be well on your way to becoming a Super Mario Bros Crossover expert. So, grab your controller, choose your character, and dive into the exciting world of Super Mario Bros Crossover today!

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