How to Pair Your PS5 DualSense Controller to an iPhone

Thanks to the iOS 14.5 update, you can now pair your next-gen controllers with iPhones and iPads.

In the modern era, mobile phones and similar devices act as a connector for all trades. The devices are capable of making calls, sending text messages, and much more. Unsurprisingly, games are big business on phones and tablets. For those who want to take their gaming experience to the next level, it is now possible to pair Sony’s DualSense gamepad or Microsoft’s Xbox Series X gamepad with Apple devices running the latest iOS 14.5 update.

Last week, Apple mentioned that devices that upgrade to iOS 14.5 would get the ability to interface with the latest next-gen console controllers. While the new Sony and Microsoft gamepads use the Bluetooth standard for wireless connections, additional work was needed to make Apple’s mobile devices fully compatible. If you want to pair your new gamepads with an IOS 14.5 phone or tablet, you can follow this simple guide to get started.

How to Pair Your PS5 DualSense Controller to an iPhone or iPad Running iOS 14.5

While the technology behind the latest mobile devices and gamepads is incredibly complex, the process of pairing them is incredibly easy. To pair your Sony PS5 DualSense gamepad with an iPhone or iPad, make sure the controller is fully charged and turned on. On the iOS 14.5 device, go to the settings menu and then the Bluetooth tab. Next, press the Share and PlayStation buttons on the DualSense gamepad until the controller lights start to flash. You should now see the wireless controller appear on the iOS device screen as available to pair. Select the controller to complete the pairing process.

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