How to install Candy Crush Saga free for PC

You can always play Candy Crush Saga. Even on a plane, in the car, using it on the subway or playing in places without WiFi . It has a multi-player mode , which allows you to compete in real time, with your family, friends and even rivals. Which adds an extra touch of fun to this fabulous game.

How to install Candy Crush Saga for free for PC and mobile?

The installation of Candy Crush Saga is really simple and free, it does not require technical knowledge; since you just have to accept the terms and conditions and hit next. The really important thing is to know where you can download it and what version of the operating system it requires to work well.

For Candy Crush Saga version; It is necessary to have as a minimum requirement an operating system Windows 8.1 or higher in the case of PCs, for Android mobiles you need to have at least version 4.1, in iPhone you need iOS 9 or later.

Even this version of Candy Crush works for mobiles with Windows Mobile 8; also for Amazon Kindle tablets with Android 4.0.3. As if that were not enough, you can also play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook or from its official website.

The download of Candy Crush for PC can be obtained from different pages ; including,,, For Android mobiles the game is available on Google Play, and for Mac OS and iOS devices you will find it in the Apple Store.

Candy Crush Saga, in fact, is considered one of the best free applications to install on an iPad to get the most out of it . Besides being a very comfortable device for this type of game. However, you can visit the official address to see all currently available downloads ; so you can choose the one that best suits your team or needs.

You already know how to install and enjoy Candy Crush Saga, to play on your PC or mobile, anytime, anywhere. We know that once you start you will not stop updating the Candy Crush Saga game , and even trying the Soda version. Only you will decide where and when to have fun .


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