How to increase my internet speed using a VPN?

The internet connection has become an extremely necessary service for people of any age, as well as social strata. Whether you use it for educational, business, entertainment, or leisure purposes, you will surely want to learn how to increase your internet speed using a VPN.  Does the idea excite you?

In this post we will teach you everything easily and quickly, from what you need to increase the speed of your internet using a VPN, to how to configure the VPN and more.

What do you need to increase the speed of your internet using a VPN?

  • First of all, it is recommended that you have the Windows 10 operating system installed on your PC.
  • Search for a website from any browser to connect to the internet using a VPN , on the web you will get a good list of VPN for Windows, so that you can choose the one you prefer, although in this article we will recommend one in particular.
  • Set up the VPN from the Windows 10 operating system .

How can you set up a VPN?

  • From your browser, search for the vpnbook website .
  • Several tabs will appear, click on the pptp tab , keep it open because later you will need information from there.

Add a VPN connection

  • Go to ONFIGURATION networking and internet , this can be done by right clicking on the icon of internet access in the toolbar of Windows 10.
  • In the configuration window that will be displayed, look for the VPN section, which is under Network and Internet .
  • Right there click on add a VPN connection .
  • In VPN provider do not put any specification, as Windows will appear by default integrated.
  • In Name of the connection enter the country where you are.
  • To place the name of the server or address you must return to the vpnbook page, once there locate your country in the list of the pptp tab, next to it the name of the server will appear, copy it and then paste it in the name of the server or address .
  • Then, in Type of VPN, choose from the list the Point-to-Point Tunnel Protocol or (PPTP) option .
  • Now, under Login information type select Username and password.
  • Return to the vpnbook page again, copy the Username that appears in the list on the pptp tab and place it in Username.
  • In Password write the Password .
  • Finally click on Save to save the changes and establish the connection.

Make the internet connection with VPN to increase the speed of your internet

In the configuration section in Internet and network settings, locate just below the VPN connection that you have added, there click on the Connect button .

Wait a few seconds for it to make the connection until it appears that you are connected. From now on start browsing the internet without any inconvenience.

Some final recommendations

You must update the password every month , as the vpnbook website changes it monthly, how do you do it? Easily follow these steps that we mention below:

  • Go to Network and Internet Settings, locate the VPN connection that you have created.
  • Click on the Advanced settings button .
  • Copy the password that appears on the vpnbook website.
  • Delete the current password and replace it with the new one just by pasting it in the Password section .

With a VPN you will not only have a fast or faster internet connection than usual, as if that were not enough, you will also have other options available, such as more optimal downloads and access to blocked websites. With this in mind, you can consider this section on VPN for Venezuela . Isn’t that cool?

There are browsers that include VPN . So no more headaches with slow and exasperating internet browsing. With our post on how to increase your internet speed using a VPN,  prepare yourself for an internet connection that flies.


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