How to identify the competition

Every venture is accompanied by the addition of competition. But how to identify those points of sale that can be considered in this way in an objective way? Market positioning is also defined by the display of this reference. If you don’t know who your competitors are, you ignore an important aspect.

You can list in this list those projects grouped in the same category of products or services. An offer that is aimed at the same segment you want to focus on. When customers search for your items, they can also compare prices and ideas in the other place.

SEO competition

While the location factor was a main feature in the analysis of the competition developed long ago, the rise of electronic commerce and online sales made visible this new form of activity. In this digital scenario you also agree with those business ideas with which you compete directly.

The common objective of advancing search engine positioning to have a higher level of projection from the search for keywords, offers feedback to those who wish to explore this information. From this fingerprint you also have the possibility of knowing better the trajectory of these projects. For example, check the website and the contents of social networks.



The level of competitiveness increases from the points in common with another project that despite having another name is similar in its offer. To make this enumeration you can put the focus of attention on these commercial coincidences beyond the differences. When there are numerous points in common, this scheme creates a linkage.

Market study

The potential success of a business is based from the initial stage on the observable reality against the risk of the idealization of expectations whose basis has not been proven. One of the tools used to make this reading of the analysis scenario is the market study that can focus one of its sections on this identification of the competition . Through this vision, an entrepreneur has a more complex picture of what are the characteristics of the environment in which it is located.


The competition factor is not a static element that remains unchanged throughout the years of an entity’s life. The observation of this issue must be a constant to update the action map with the corresponding news of the present. Those businesses that stand out for the level of innovation in a sector that is related to their own, are an example of competition before an audience that, from the reference of the comparison between both proposals, may have a different vision of that trade that does not have Latest releases defined as a trend.

Finally, you can also be closer to your competition when you meet your target audience. In addition, try to be informed of the latest news by reinforcing the habit of reading the press and specialized media.


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