how to get your blog noticed by google

If you have just created a blog, be it blogger  or another, you may be wondering about the keys to making it profitable. For this reason, it is important to know how to grow your blog visits to generate more income through the Google AdSense program .  In this interesting guide we show you all the methods to achieve it.

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  1. How many visits does a website need to generate income?
  2. Where to get good hosting and a domain?
    1. Is it worth buying the domain with hosting?
  3. How much does Google AdSense pay for every 1,000 visits?
    1. Average on YouTube
    2. with a website
  4. What should a blog have to look professional and generate income?
    1. a good template
    2. Social media
    3. character in each input
    4. editorial calendar
  5. Is it worth using Amazon Affiliates or is Google AdSense better?
  6. What other sources of income can I have with a blog?
    1. CPA
    2. Sell ​​your own products
    3. offer services
    4. Sponsored Reviews
    5. Membership Exclusive Content
    6. sell your blog

How many visits does a website need to generate income?

It is clear that many content creators build a profitable business that lasts over time. A website needs 1,000 visits on average to generate income. Therefore, it is advisable to spend about 10 hours a week or more to get paid .

Where to get good hosting and a domain?

A hosting is the space used to store elements required by a website . Hosting usually offer a free domain to the client for one year. The most popular hosts are Hostinger, GoDaddy, IONOS, Bluehost and SiteGround.

Is it worth buying the domain with hosting?

It is worth buying the domain with the hosting in order to take advantage of design tools , plugins and a particular URL. In addition, you can use additional hosting services to meet your requirements and/or the needs of your project.

How much does Google AdSense pay for every 1,000 visits?

The theme that you have chosen for your blog can influence the profits that you will obtain. Google AdSense can pay an average of 2 dollars for every 1,000 visits. For some topics related to legal aspects , insurance, finances and health, Google AdSense usually pays approximately 4 dollars for every 1,000 visits.

Average on YouTube

The average earnings on YouTube depends on certain aspects such as the niche, the memberships, the number of subscribers or the fact of placing additional ads. For every 1,000 visits, they usually get between 0.50 and 2 dollars. However, some content creators get anywhere from $2 to $34.

With a website

It is possible to make a profit with a particular website . Generally, Google AdSense pays $0.85 for every 1,000 visits to a website. This value may vary depending on various aspects such as the use of memberships, advertising space and the sale of a product related to affiliate marketing.

What should a blog have to look professional and generate income?

There are several elements that a blog must have to look professional and generate income. One of them is the use of a good template. Also, it is important to have a presence on social media, display relevant content and use tools such as the editorial calendar .

a good template

A template is a ready-made design with specific functionalities and various features. Popular content management systems often offer templates and the option to customize them. Thus, you can give a personal touch to your blog.

Social media

Social media is another key element that makes a blog more professional. In this sense, by promoting your blog through various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, many users will know your content and increase visits.

character in each input

It is very important to demonstrate character in each entry of your blog. For this, you will need an interesting idea with which you can create an eye-catching publication to a certain type of users. Also, make sure you are consistent with the theme and appearance of your blog.

editorial schedule

The editorial calendar is a useful tool for content creators. With this, you can have a higher level of organization when creating new entries and posting them on your blog. Indeed, you will be able to optimize time, resources and achieve your goals.

Is it worth using Amazon Affiliates or is Google AdSense better?

If you want to generate more income from your blog, it is advisable to use Amazon Affiliates instead of Google AdSense . The banners added by Google AdSense alter the appearance of your blog and can be annoying for users. In addition, they reduce the loading speed and you cannot control the advertisers.

Instead, with Amazon affiliates you promote only the products that generate a more profitable commission . In fact, it allows you to increase visits to my new page by showing articles of interest that are related to the information you share in the blog posts.

What other sources of income can I have with a blog?

It is possible to establish other sources of income with a blog . You can add links to receive a pay per click using CPA marketing. Also, you can sell your own products, offer a service, add sponsored reviews or create content exclusive to a membership.


Cost per Action or CPA is a type of marketing that allows you to earn income when users perform a certain action. Said action includes the entry of personal data , email, conducting surveys or entering other relevant information.

Sell ​​your own products

You can generate income by selling your own products on your blog to promote your creations. In this case, it is essential to make yourself known on social networks, publish good photographs of your products, offer detailed information and provide confidence to customers.

offer services

You can offer services of interest to a specific audience. Many content creators showcase their skills at an expert level and are in constant communication with clients to understand their needs and build trust.

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews are another means of generating income with a blog. Sponsored reviews are often used by content creators to offer information about a product or service to attract more customers to a business.

Membership Exclusive Content

You can create content exclusive to a membership to generate income through a blog. For this, it establishes specific areas for certain members and provides attractive information that invites users to be part of a virtual group or community.

sell your blog

Another option to generate income is the sale of your blog . It is convenient to make this decision when you have already achieved some popularity in the network. Selling it would allow you to make a considerable profit.


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