How to get free Office

Do you need Office and you don’t have it? Sometimes we need Office and we do not have the complete suite or a subscription to Microsoft 365 (previously called Office 365). No need to worry, there are different ways to get free Office without problems, in a completely legal way.

Of course, nothing will be like having the Office suite for a lifetime license or the subscription, which will allow us to have Office in full, on any device and always available.

How to use Office for free in Windows 10

Currently you need to use Office with a license, as unofficial options are often problematic and pose a significant risk of installing malware on your computer. Here are some alternatives to get free Office from 100% reliable sources :

Office Online

The Office Online version is completely free and we can use it whenever we want, as long as there is an Internet connection. It has the basic functionalities but most of the time it is sure enough for us. Brings with the word processor Word, Excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentations for free.

If we only need Office on a specific basis and not as a usual way of working, it is a good alternative. In Office Online it is possible to create documents, save them and download them, but it only works with the current formats .docx, .xlsx, .pptx , and the classic .doc, .xls, .ppt converts them before editing.

The rest of the files that Office accepts we will not be able to use from the browser, and we will suffer other limitations, but at least the service is free and integrates well with Outlook mail and OneDrive storage.

Web: Office Online

Office for mobile

The Android and iPhone versions of Office are free and we can use them whenever we want. Obviously they cannot replace the desktop suite and have limited functions, but we can use them in specific cases.

On mobiles and tablets up to 10.1 inches it is free to edit files , generate new documents and save them, otherwise we have to pay Microsoft 365. On iPads this causes a curious situation, because depending on the size of the screen (sometimes a few centimeters) will be free or will cost.

Office on mobile is regularly updated and offers plenty of room for small screen sizes, although advanced features are not included.

Web: Office for mobile

Does your study center have free Office?

Microsoft provides the basic version of Office for free to schools, colleges, universities and other educational centers , also to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that meet their requirements. Apart from the students, it includes the teachers and other staff.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to be a student, but the institution must jointly register . Then we can download the programs for free using the email address provided by the organization. Since it also allows you to use Microsoft Teams for free, more and more colleges and universities are taking advantage of this possibility.

Web: Office 365 Education

Web: Office / Microsoft 365 for NGOs

Try Microsoft 365 for free

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a subscription that gives access to Office on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, as well as 1 TB of OneDrive storage and premium Outlook email. If we subscribe, it is possible to get 1 month of free trial , but we have to provide a means of payment, and they will start charging us for the renewal if we forget to unsubscribe.

Then we can pay from 69 euros per year (or 7 euros per month) for an individual license, or opt for the family version for 6 accounts for 99 euros per year (or 10 euros per month).

In any case, if we need to use Office with its full functions for a specific task, in this way we will get it for free. If we have a professional account, it is also possible to try 365 Apps for free for a month, with more options.

Web: Microsoft 365 Free Trial

Web: Free trial of Microsoft 365 Apps (formerly Office 365 ProPlus)

Office Mobile for Windows 10

Microsoft has made Office Mobile for Windows 10 available to users at no cost. It is part of the so-called “modern apps” designed specifically for this operating system, with a user-friendly interface from touch screens and a more modern design.

Office Mobile has significantly fewer features than the standard versions, but in exchange it is completely free on tablets up to 10.1 inches , including the ability to create, modify and save documents.

Otherwise, it only serves to view the content, unless we pay for the Office 365 subscription (in which case it would make more sense to download the complete programs).

  • Download Word Mobile for Windows 10
  • Download Excel Mobile for Windows 10
  • Download PowerPoint Mobile for Windows 10

Take advantage of alternatives to Office

We have already reviewed the main free alternatives to Microsoft Office , and we should keep them in mind, because they cover most of the needs of the average user without having to pay anything.

For example, the Google Drive office automation apps work on computers and mobiles, with increasing capabilities, and are free. Of course, we should not confuse them with G Suite , a version for companies that has a cost.

It is even possible to edit Office documents in Gmail and Drive , without having to convert them, proof that Google wants to end the dominance of its rival in this segment.

Apple users can download iWork for free with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on Mac computers and iOS devices. Regarding free software, we have LibreOffice and OpenOffice , somewhat less careful, but valid.

Also WPS Office is an interesting option, especially for mobile, which has a free edition and a premium with extra features.

In short, there are several possibilities to obtain free Office , none of them is perfect, but at least we avoid paying the cost of that office suite, nothing affordable if we think that they are not very sophisticated programs either.


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