How to get a victory by wonder in Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV is a very popular real-time strategy video game , where you can get a victory in different ways and one of them is to build a wonder. To achieve a victory requires meeting a series of requirements and to do so you will need good strategies, so if you want to obtain a victory by wonder in Age of Empires IV , you must have a series of tips that will be very useful for you to achieve a victory.

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  1. What requirements must be met to earn a wonder win?
    1. wonder construction
    2. Time you have to stand
  2. Tips for getting a wonder win in Age of Empires IV
    1. Recommended Civilization
    2. have a good organization
    3. Prepare the troops before building the wonder
    4. wonder location

What requirements must be met to earn a wonder win?

If you want to obtain a victory by wonder, you will have to carry out a good strategy where you must take into account several things and one of them is the construction of the wonder, it requires a series of requirements like other games . In addition, you must take into account the time that your civilization must stand, so you must plan the details of your strategy based on these two things.

wonder construction

One of the best structures in the Age of Empires IV game are the wonders, that by building them you have the possibility of obtaining a victory in the game, so when you plan your strategy, set yourself a goal is to build it as soon as possible.

You have to consider that you will only be able to build the wonder once you reach age IV or the imperial age, so you must first obtain enough resources to be able to reach this age, in addition, the construction also requires having 3000 of each resource to build it, that is, 3,000 food, 3,000 wood, 3,000 gold, and 3,000 stone.

Time you have to stand

The strategy you create should consider how many villagers you can afford to build and how much infantry you will need to defend it as once you build the wonder, the enemies will be alerted and proceed to attack the wonder.

To get the wonder win, you will need to defend the wonder for at least 15 minutes , as this is one of the requirements to get the wonder win. So if you manage to keep the wonder standing within the time limit set by the game, you can win the game.

Tips for getting a wonder win in Age of Empires IV

To create a good strategy to get a wonder victory in Age of Empires IV, you will need to take into account that you will need a proper civilization, it is also important that you have a good organization. Also, another important factor is to prepare the troops before building the wonder, and location of the wonder in a strategic point.

Recommended Civilization

Although any of the civilizations is good to win a game, some civilizations offer you some advantages , for example playing a defensive civilization like England can help you a lot, since they have reference points that will allow you to improve other defensive buildings and military units that you have created

have a good organization

In order to obtain a victory by wonders, you must have a good organization, since like any good strategy it must be planned in such a way that you present the minimum of errors. Therefore, it is essential to distribute your workforce in a strategic way , both for construction and for obtaining resources.

It’s crucial that you have enough villagers to keep getting resources while defending against any enemy attacks, at least use a minimum of 40 villagers for resources .

The wonders take longer to build than other buildings, for this reason you need to occupy several villagers for the construction of the wonder , this will reduce the construction time considerably. If you use at least 30 villagers, you can complete the construction of the wonder in less than a minute.

Prepare the troops before building the wonder

Before building the wonder it is important that you have the amount of troops necessary to protect the wonder during an enemy attack, for this reason it is necessary to prepare the troops before starting the construction of the wonder . Also, keep in mind that the wonder will be the last building you build, so you can buy all the troop and structure upgrades to gain an advantage during an enemy attack.

In order to always have reinforcement it is necessary that you build at least 2 or 3 of each military unit building such as barracks, archery ranges and stables. It is important to always have military units queued even after reaching the population limit, since when a unit dies, it will automatically start creating a new one.

wonder location

The location you choose for the construction of the wonder is very relevant, because it must be located in a place where it is difficult for enemies to attack. Therefore, it is best not to build near the coast, since ships could easily attack.

You can take advantage of the environment and build it on a site surrounded by trees, and place several walls that are guarded by a tower in each line and that are also surrounded by several soldiers, you can place archers between the walls to be able to attack in an easier way to infantry units.


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