How to forward WhatsApp audio without saying ‘forwarded’ – Do it like this

WhatsApp is par excellence one of the most famous applications used throughout the world to connect with other people. The ‘forwarded’ text that appears in messages can be annoying or uncomfortable for some people.

Usually, because they don’t want the people to whom they forward a file or message to know that it has been shared  from another source and perhaps gives the appearance that it is not a personal message. Therefore, here we teach you how to prevent that text that bothers you so much from appearing.

How to Forward WhatsApp Audios without saying ‘Forwarded’ – Do it like this

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  1. How do you forward a message without the tag by saving the audio?
  2. How to forward a message without the ‘forwarded’ tag using the share option?
  3. With what other types of messages can the WhatsApp sharing trick be used?
    1. Text, picture or video messages

How do you forward a message without the tag by saving the audio?

The exceptional step so that the ‘Resending audio’ label does not appear is that, every time a multimedia file arrives on your WhatsApp, when it is downloaded, it is always archived somewhere in the storage of your mobile device .

If you prefer that the ‘Forwarded’ text not appear on the audio, instead of sharing it on WhatsApp from one chat to another, try to locate it in your storage and share it from there. Usually, it is found in the ‘WhatsaApp’ folder, followed by ‘Media Files’ and finally ‘Audio’.

These are not complicated steps, you just have to have at least a notion of where the different audio files are located on your cell phone and you have to remember that in the different systems of the different types of mobiles some things can be rotated.

How to forward a message without the ‘forwarded’ tag using the share option?

So that in a WhatsApp message the text ‘Forwarded’ does not appear above the audio message, before sending it from one chat to another, you must perform a simple step.

If you do not want that text to appear, you just have to press the message you want to forward for at least two seconds, then when the message is selected , click on the three bubbles that appear in the upper right part of the chat, at that point you will two options will appear:

Press copy (option 2) and that’s it, the message will be copied to your clipboard. The next step would be to paste the message in the chat to which you wanted to forward the same message and that’s it, the ‘forwarded’ text will not appear.

The steps are easy for today’s web surfers to navigate, but may be a bit more complicated for old-schoolers. This is not why you have to go fast, if you still don’t know how to handle your phone well, you must go step by step.

With what other types of messages can the WhatsApp sharing trick be used?

This trick can be used with text messages, images, audios and videos. If you’re someone who for one reason or another doesn’t want ‘forwarded’ to appear over the media file you’ve forwarded, follow the steps above.

As stressed before, the place to locate these files may vary depending on the type of mobile phone and system you have, as well as the location  of WhatsApp files on an iPhone and Android are different. That is why it is important to relate well to the type of cell phone you have.

If you have an Android cell phone, your phone in one of the main windows will have a folder called ‘ Administrator ‘, enter the indicated folder and there you will find all the multimedia files that are stored on your mobile device.

Text, picture or video messages

In the case that it is an image that you want to forward, you just have to look for it in your gallery, since when you download it from a chat, it is automatically saved in a folder in your gallery that normally says ‘WhatsApp’ . Click the image you want to forward and press the ‘Share’ button, choose the WhatsApp icon, and press the chat to which the image is intended.

You also have the option of directly entering the WhatsApp chat of the person you want to forward the image to and at the end of the bar where the words appear, press the icon that looks like a click to hold documents. There a window will open where you will be given several options:

Press the ‘Gallery’ option and there you will only have to choose the photograph or photos or write the message that you want to send to the destination WhatsApp contact.

These steps are not very complex and we are in the century of technology, we must adapt to the new medium and learn all the tricks we can to better enjoy and not be left behind when it comes to the technological world.


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