How to format partitions in AOMEI Partition Assistant

Windows has an effective tool for managing drives but it has limitations that prevent us from performing certain tasks on partitions. Therefore, it is convenient to use additional software. We recommend you read this article with which you will learn   how to format partitions in AOMEI Partition Assistant step by step

What is AOMEI Partition Assistant?

AOMEI Partition Assistant is one of the best applications to partition hard drives on Windows and Mac . In addition, the software facilitates the optimization of the system and increase its performance through the use of a wizard that guides the user.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is presented as a useful tool to recover static partitions, create boot disks, migrate an operating system from one disk to another, and manage hard disks.

Features of the AOMEI Partition Assistant program

AOMEI Partition Assistant presents a set of attributes that facilitate the mobility and resizing of partitions, as well as their merging and division. The software also allows you to create new partitions, modify or change partition labels or convert logical partitions to primary ones and vice versa.

It is important to note that AOMEI Partition Assistant is compatible with the Windows operating system and can be used on MBR, GPT hard drives and USB drives. The software supports Linux EXT4 files that include processes such as creating, moving, copying or formatting partitions.

How to format partitions in AOMEI Partition Assistant step by step

At some point, you will need to make or create a boot partition with Diskpart in Windows . Later, you may need to format your partitions in AOMEI Partition Assistant. Therefore, it is necessary that you obtain this tool and access its functions from the PC. Next, we present each of the steps that you must follow in order to carry out the task of formatting the partitions of your hard drive .

Download and install the AOMEI Partition Assistant program

The first case is to download and install the AOMEI Partition Assistant program. To do so, go to the official Diskpart website that provides this software.

Locate the free version of the program and proceed to download its installation package. There are two other versions of AOMEI Partition Assistant: “Pro” and “Server”. These are paid and have more features.

Once you download the program, double click on the installation file and wait a few seconds while it installs on your computer.

Use the AOMEI Partition Assistant program

Access AOMEI Partition Assistant from the start menu by clicking “All Applications” . You can also search for the software using the system search engine or by locating the program icon on the desktop.

When you open AOMEI Partition Assistant you will see information about the available hard drives and their partitions. The application represents the partitions in graphic and text form.

Format the partitions

On the left side of the panel, you will see a set of options such as copying, moving or extending partitions , recovering partitions or formatting a partition. Click on this last option or right-click on the partition you want to format and select “Format a partition.”

Check the partition you are going to format and if it corresponds to the correct format. Press the “Apply” button that you will find in the upper left, confirm the changes and wait a few seconds while the process is carried out. By formatting the partitions you can start working with them.

The AOMEI Partition Assistant Utilities

Besides formatting partitions, AOMEI Partition Assistant has other utilities that are widely used by users. These include “Partition Alignment” , “Wipe Disk / Partition”, “Bad Sector Check” and “Partition Recovery”.

It is recommended that you apply the partition check before applying any other functions to it. AOMEI Partition Assistant will allow you to configure a certain partition as “active” and modify its type ID in case this is necessary.


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