How to fix ‘Failed application path’ error in Windows 10?

If you keep your computer clean and updated in its operating system, it is very essential to use it for a long time without presenting any problem in terms of software .

Although it should be noted that if you constantly delete many files or install and uninstall programs or perform any other process of this type, they can affect your system. In case it happens to you, you may get an ad saying that the application path is wrong, if so, we will tell you the reasons why this happens and how you can repair it.

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  1. Why do I get the error ‘Application path with errors’?
    1. Application out of date or with missing components
    2. Corrupted Windows file system
    3. Due to an antivirus
    4. Due to outdated drivers or DLL file corruption
  2. How to troubleshoot these issues to fix this path error?
    1. Update the Windows application
    2. Perform an SFC scan
    3. Update drivers
    4. Disable antivirus and firewall
    5. Repair DLL files

Why do I get the error ‘Application path with errors’?

If you are browsing on your personal computer with a Windows system, and you are going to open a program and for some reason you get a warning that says that the access path has errors, there are several reasons why this error occurs, and then we will leave you the more common:

Application out of date or with missing components

It may be that the application or program that you want to open is not updated or is missing some component due to a bad installation and that is the reason why it throws the error message.

Corrupted Windows file system

Another reason why the error may be present when opening a program is because your hard drive is corrupt, which means that we cannot access certain programs or files.

Due to an antivirus

This error can also occur due to a virus or malware , or even an external antivirus that you have installed on your computer.

Due to outdated drivers or DLL file corruption

And as a last reason, this error can also be caused by having very old or outdated drivers. Also due to a corruption in the DLL file, the latter is a library file that is responsible for executing all the necessary functions for the system to work correctly and the program that we are going to use.

How to troubleshoot these issues to fix this path error?

Now that we know the possible reasons that are causing this error in Windows, we are going to explain the different ways that exist to solve it.

Update the Windows application

One of the first methods to fix the error is to update the program you want to open, as most of the various programs that are used on the computer, over time even our own operating system needs to be updated .

All this is an advantage, although there are times that if you update something it may not work correctly with the other programs. So it makes it incompatible causing this error. In case it is the operating system that is affected, it will try to give a possible solution.

To update our Windows system to its latest version, as quickly as possible, is something very simple and you can do it through the settings, once you go to the security and update section or section or where it says only Windows system update.

When updating the system we will have the most recent functions that the company has launched, which will ensure that we do not present errors on the computer, and also when opening the programs.

Perform an SFC scan

Another method to resolve the error is by using the system file checker or better known as SFC. This is a tool that comes by default in our operating system , it is responsible for repairing and finding damaged files , which prevent any procedure from being carried out and for this you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the start button and type cmd in the search bar, the command prompt will appear, which you must click on to open it.
  2. Once you open it you can enter a text in this case you must write the following: sfc /scannow then just press the enter key. This procedure may take a few seconds.
  3. Once the process is finished you will have to restart your computer.
  4. Ready when the computer is turned on again, and the programs that have errors will have been solved, therefore, you will be able to open them without any inconvenience.

Update drivers

As we mentioned at the beginning, if the drivers are not updated or you have one that is already obsolete, this may be the cause of the error, therefore, you have to update it, for this you have to go to the official website or page of the manufacturer or Microsoft.

When you are there, you should search for the driver that has the latest version and is compatible with your Windows system, then download it and finally finish installing it.

If you want to update the driver manually, the process is much more complicated and lengthy, then we suggest you to run the easy driver automatically, and thus the challenge of the drivers that are in the system are updated completely and with much ease.

Disable antivirus and firewall

At the beginning we mentioned that an external or third-party antivirus can also cause problems when running a program , so we recommend that you disable it and also the firewall.

Repair DLL files

If you have already tried all of the above and still have the same problem , as mentioned above, DLL files can become corrupted and cause programs such as games to fail to open.

To repair damaged DLL files, there is a tool called DLL repair and you can find it on the internet, it is like the buyer of system files, it is responsible for scanning the damaged DLL file and repairing it.

With this you will be able to enter the program that presents the error when opening it , although if the error continues to appear, it is only clear that the problem is in compatibility.


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