How to fix “err connection timed out” error in Chrome? – Final solution

The error “err connection timed out” is a frequent problem in Chrome. In this case, the web page does not load and the waiting time exceeds 30 seconds. If you wonder  how to fix the error “err connection timed out” in Chrome? – Definitive solution , keep reading this interesting article.

How to fix “err connection timed out” error in Chrome? – Final solution

When the error occurs “err connection timed out” is not possible to load a webpage from Chrome. Fortunately, there is a definitive solution to this failure to reuse the browser optimally. In this regard, it is necessary to know the IP address, DNS and gateway of the router to proceed to manage your local network.

Here we explain what the mistake err connection timed out and what to do to fix it .

What is the error “err connection timed out” in Chrome?

ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT is a communication error that prevents accessing web pages from the browser Chrome. It is caused by a connection failure of the system and means that a web is not charging normally.

When the error occurs ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT , the user tries to search for a particular website but time passes without getting a response from the browser. Therefore, it reports that there is a failure and should be corrected.

Why does the error “err connection timed out” in Chrome?

The ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error can occur because the server is taking a long time to process the application or after entering a URL invalid . Also, can I arise due to poor internet connection or because the server can not process the information that Chrome sends.

The Windows firewall can also cause this failure , because this tool can block the connection and prevent the server from issuing a response in some circumstances.

Definitive solution to the error “err connection timed out” in Chrome

It is convenient that you follow each of the steps that we explain below in detail so that the Chrome browser works correctly again and the error err connection timed out does not appear in the future.

Deletes data from the browser

Sometimes, browsing history, cookies and cache hinder communication with the server . For this reason, you must clean the browser from the menu (the three dots) and the “Settings” option.

Immediately, you’ll see a new window. To the left of the panel, locate “Privacy and security”. You will see the “Clear Browsing Data” option, select the time interval “All” and press click the “Clear Data” button.

Renew the IP address

In a local network, you must configure the static IP address . However, it is sometimes desirable to renew the IP address. To do this, you must locate the magnifying glass icon next to the start menu and type cmd in the text box. Then, right-click on the cmd.exe file and choose “Run as administrator”, to open the command window. There, type ipconfig / flushdns and press “Enter”. Then type ipconfig / renew and finally click the “Enter” key.

Access network properties

Once you have renewed the IP address should go to the ” Settings ” from the Start menu in Windows 10. Then you will see nine options, of which you will choose “Internet and network.” Choose the option “Ethernet” and to the right of the panel select “Change adapter options.”

In this way, you will see network connections. Find the “Ethernet” connection and right click on it. Select the “Properties” option and then places the cursor on the protocol IPv4 internet . Click on the “Properties” button.

Modifies the DNS server addresses

In the new window, check the option “Use the following DNS server addresses.” In the “Preferred DNS server” writes and “Alternate DNS server” must write Finally, press the “OK” button. It also can encrypt DNS traffic to avoid being tracked and avoid a security problem.


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