How to eject PS4 disk from controller

You have never been a big video game fan. However, a good offer found online and the fact that you have recently moved house, prompted you to buy a PlayStation 4 and “place” it in the living room, in order to make your evenings spent in the company of friends more fun.

Now you are trying your hand at some titles that you have purchased with the console but, when it is time to switch games, you have noticed that the position in which you have placed the PS4 prevents you from comfortably reaching the disc eject button. So you would like to know how to eject a disc from the PS4 from the controller , without having to move the console every time or having to do various “ups and downs” with the arm.

That’s exactly how it is, isn’t it? Then know that today is your lucky day, not only because this operation is feasible, but also because it is very easy to complete and because today I am here to explain, step by step, how to implement it. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a “wimp” with technology and / or if you’ve never used a PlayStation before: take two minutes and you will have learned everything there is to do. Enjoy the reading!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to eject discs from PS4 from controller
  • How to eject locked discs from PS4
  • In case of problems

Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of the guide and explaining how to eject a disc from the PS4 from the controller , it seems necessary to clarify that the indications that I will give you in this post are valid for all versions of PlayStation 4: the first generation one, called PS4 Fat , the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro .

As for the firmware, I used a console equipped with the PlayStation system software version 6.72 . In any case, the steps to be taken are the same also on the previous versions and, presumably, they will also be on the following ones (although on this, of course, I can not give you guarantees).

Finally, as you intend to act as a controller, make sure your pad is charged and properly paired with the PlayStation 4. For more details on these two procedures, I invite you to read my tutorials on how to charge the PS4 controller and how to connect the controller to the PS4 .

How to eject discs from PS4 from controller

The procedure for ejecting a disc from the PS4 with the controller is disarming simplicity: to begin with, if you haven’t already done so, go to the main menu of the console by pressing the PS button on the DualShock.

At this point, use the directional arrows or the left analog stick to highlight the box for the disc you want to eject and press the Options button on the controller.

You should see a side menu appear on the right: use the directional arrows or the left analog stick to highlight the Remove disk option and press the X button on the controller on it to select it.

Within moments, the PS4 should acknowledge the command and eject the disk in its optical drive. Clearly, the disc will remain “halfway” and will not be ejected completely from the console player (otherwise it would end up falling on the surface where the PlayStation is resting!).

I recommend: before commanding the eject of the disc, make sure that there is enough space next to the PS4 to properly eject the disc . Otherwise, the media will be sent back “forcibly” into the console’s optical drive, with the risk of getting damaged, stuck and / or damaging the PS4 player.

Finally, I would like to underline that the procedure described above applies to all types of disc: PS4 games, Blu-Ray videos and DVD videos. Clearly, in the case of Blu-Ray and DVD video, in the main menu of the PlayStation you will find a generic preview pane and not the disc poster, as is the case with games.

How to eject locked discs from PS4

Have you tried to follow the instructions I gave you in the previous chapter but, unfortunately, your PS4 can’t eject the disc in its optical drive?

Tell me, have you tried repeatedly pressing the physical disc eject button on the console? If the answer is yes but, even then, the PS4 doesn’t want to know about ejecting the support, I’m afraid the disk is stuck in the PlayStation .

In cases like these, you have to turn off the PS4 completely , disconnect it from the power supply, from the TV, then from all other devices that may be connected and operate on it, using a long Phillips screwdriver .


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Warning: this procedure, although simple, involves direct action on the console hardware, so you run the risk of damaging some components of the console. Proceed only if you are sure of what you are doing, otherwise contact a friend who is more experienced on the subject. I take no responsibility for any damage done to your PlayStation as a result of reading this tutorial, right? Perfect, then let’s proceed.

Once the console is disconnected, you have to proceed differently depending on the model of PS4 you have. The PlayStation 4 models released so far by Sony are the following: CUH-7000 (PS4 Pro) , CUH-2015 (PS4 Slim) , CUH-1200 (PS4 Fat) , CUH-1000 (PS4 Fat) and CUH-1110 (PS4 Fat) . More info here .

To find out which exact model of PlayStation 4 you have, you need to check the label on the back of the console. Once this information has been verified, proceed according to the provisions of the .

For example, if you have a PS4 CUH-2015 , you have to turn the console upside down on a flat and clean surface, look for the hole positioned above the PS logo , insert the screwdriver in the latter and rotate it, to force the extraction of the disc. To remove the screw you will need to drill through a plastic liner. Don’t worry though: there will be no impact on your PlayStation warranty.

The procedure to follow is also very similar for the PS4 CUH-7000 Series and, even in this case, there are no consequences on the warranty of the console.

If, on the other hand, you have a PS4 CUH-1200 , you must place the console on a clean, smooth and flat surface so that the front of the PlayStation is on the left (with the PlayStation logo on the right). After that you have to place your palms on the top panel and spread your fingers on the far side of the console.

At this point, applying light pressure near the closure and levering your fingers, you have to slide the top panel away from you. When you hear a “click” and the panel moves a few millimeters, lift it up, starting from the left.

Then use the screwdriver on the screw with the PlayStation symbols and remove it, in order to extract the hard drive. Once the hard drive is removed from the console, insert the screwdriver into the hole for the manual ejection of the diskettes and rotate it clockwise to remove the Blu-Ray / DVD stuck in the console.

For the complete procedures, relating to all PlayStation 4 models, I refer you to .

In case of problems

If, despite my indications, you have not been able to eject the disc in your PS4, either via the controller or via a physical button, try to get in touch with Sony support .

First of all, try to read the official documentation of the Japanese giant and its guides dedicated to the PS4, by connecting to this Web page and typing your problem (eg “stuck disk”) in the search field in the center of the page.

Then press the Enter key on the computer keyboard, select the PlayStation 4 from the list of proposed devices and choose a theme from those displayed on the site. Next, select your PlayStation 4 model from the list that is offered to you and, if requested, enter its serial number ; otherwise click on Continue without serial number .

If you are offered a questionnaire , answer the questions displayed on the screen and you should be offered an informative article on the topic you are looking for (eg. Disks and disk drives> I cannot remove a disk ).

In the unfortunate event that Sony’s article does not prove useful in solving your problem, you can get in touch with the assistance of the Japanese giant by answering No to the message Did it work? , on the right, by typing the serial number of the console in the box that is proposed to you and following the instructions on the screen.

Alternatively, you can contact Sony support by phone at 02.36009081 (the service is active from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00, at the cost of a national call) or you can bring the console to the dealer where you purchased it, which should provide you with the necessary support (considering that the basic warranty on the PS4 is 24 months).


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