How to download and install Comodo antivirus for Linux Ubuntu


Getting the best antivirus option should always be the priority when it comes to protecting your everyday computer, in order to protect it from the frequent threats of contracting a virus when browsing the web or downloading certain programs. It should be noted that you can install Ubuntu programs downloaded from the internet .

It is well known that in the Ubuntu operating system it would be very strange for a virus or malware to affect the functioning of the computer.

Of course, in the case of adding to the system programs or applications not designed for Linux Ubuntu, but rather are typical of other systems such as Windows . This is where the importance of an antivirus comes to the fore and the search for a reliable one begins.

As always we are prepared for any situation, so we bring before you an antivirus that will give you the protection you expect.

It extends the life and improves the performance of your computer , in addition to browsing the web with total confidence knowing that you will have protection. Another thing you can do to optimize performance is to optimize and clean the Ubuntu system .

We are talking about Comodo antivirus which is an excellent option for Ubuntu users, learn how to download and install this antivirus by reading this article.

In addition, as bonuses we will explain a little more about Comodo antivirus and what it offers to protect your Ubuntu operating system.

What is Comodo antivirus?

Comodo antivirus is part of the Comodo Internet Security suite of programs or security suite, also known by its abbreviation CIS.

This has been developed and marketed by the Comodo Group company as an antivirus software for advanced protection of your computer.

It is a totally free program that provides “basic services” (which are better than paid antivirus), since technically speaking the company is financed by parallel or related services.

Comodo provides the user with fast virus removal and a real-time computer scanning service that demonstrates the program’s efficiency. You can adjust when and what will be the way in which you expect to receive alerts in the event of a threat.

Part of the service it provides includes a tool called “Application control” that verifies that only official programs are running on the system.

How to download and install Comodo antivirus for Linux Ubuntu easily?

Downloading and installing Comodo antivirus is really not difficult, but we have come to make this process even easier and clearer for you.

To begin, the first thing you should do is access the official Comodo site to download the most up-to-date version of the antivirus.

This will vary between the 32-bit or 64-bit version , choose the one that you think will best suit the needs of your computer.

The process is as simple as looking for the antivirus on the official site, clicking on the “Download” option and waiting for it to finish downloading.

Since you have downloaded the antivirus, proceed to install it, but before this you must open the terminal, since you will need to type some commands.

So, to open the terminal of your computer you will need the help of your keyboard, simultaneously press the keys “Ctrl + Alt + T”.

Once you have the terminal open, you must go to the folder where the file that corresponds to the antivirus that you have just downloaded is located in order to execute the following command: “Sudo dpkg -i <file_name> .deb”.

In this case, when executing the script, the word “Sudo” is expressed at the beginning of the command, this is because when it is executed it is done with an administrator profile.

For this reason, if for some reason the script is deactivated, you can activate it again and solve the problem using the following command: “Sudo /opt/COMODO/”.

Once you have entered the command in the terminal, you will also be able to enter your administrator password when required.

Then the process follows the similarity of the download, you will locate the “Enter” option on the screen, when you click on it, it will scroll down.

You will see the word “More” in the license agreement or EULA option, then you can search for the necessary option that will allow you to confirm if the installation of Comodo antivirus has been carried out correctly.


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