How to create a free Minecraft server

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games out there. This time we will show you how to make a free Minecraft server so you can play with friends.

We may know that there are different public servers that we can play both with our friends and with other users from the rest of the world. But did you know that you can create your server for free and play with friends? Throughout the tutorial we will show you how to do it.

First of all, we must bear in mind that our Minecraft server will be on our computer , in such a way that we will have to have a minimally solvent computer, as well as a good speed Internet connection to be able to enjoy a good gaming experience.

Although there are many ways to create a Minecraft server, today we will see one of the simplest. We must bear in mind that if by any chance we decide to integrate “mods” into our server, we must have them installed both by us, as well as by the server and by any user we give permission to enter our Minecraft server.

How to create a Minecraft server in Aternos

Check if we have the latest version of Java

The first step to start the process towards creating our own server within the game is to check the version of Java that we have installed on our computer. In order to find out, we must open the CMD and enter “java -version” . If it matches the same one that is shown on the official Java page, we will not have to carry out any other process.

On the contrary, if our version of Java does not correspond to the latest version, we must download the latest version of the program .

Web: Check that you have the latest version of java

Once we have made sure that we have the latest version of Java, we must go to the Minecraft website to download a .jar file through which we can create our server world.

  • Download Minecraft Server for Windows

We must bear in mind that we will have to make use of the latest version of Minecraft that is available , since the file through which we will be able to create the world that we can later share with our friends will be found in the latest version of Minecraft.

If for some casual we make a Minecraft server that is compatible with earlier versions to which we are now, d eberemos search for the network .JAR files from previous versions available.

Once we have downloaded the .JAR file, it is recommended that we create a folder on the desktop of our computer and insert the file in a new folder. JAR files can only be run through Java, so it is very important to have the latest version of this tool.

When we have executed the file. JAR, a window will begin to show us and in the folder in which we had located the file, new ones begin to appear.

One of the files that are generated is in .txt format . This is a key format, since through this text document we will make the technical adjustments of our Minecraft server, such as, for example, the number of players we want to be able to access the server or even in which game mode we will create the game. server.

Accept EULA

Once we have executed the .JAR file that we have downloaded from the official Minecraft website, a series of files will have been generated for us. It is best to have all the files on the server in the same folder to make it easier .

One of the files that will have been generated will have the name EULA , previously this file was not generated, but it was in the most modern versions of Minecraft. The EULA is a software license , so we will only have to follow the following steps to accept it and continue with the creation of our Minecraft server.

  • We open the file ” eula “.
  • We change the word “False” to ” True “.
  • Click on the upper left and save the changes .
  • Now that we have accepted it, we can forget about this file, although it is important that we do not delete it since it is necessary to get our Minecraft server up and running.

Create a network with LogMeIn Hamachi

For a link between our friends and us to be possible, we must create a server with an external program through which information is exchanged between us and the other members of the server.

In this case, we will use a program called LogMeIn Hamachi .

  • Download LogMeIn Hamachi for Windows
  • Once we have downloaded the LogMeIn Hamachi, we will click on the button located in the upper left that corresponds to the ” Turn on ” option .
  • Next, it will ask us to register in order to continue with the process.
  • Once we have registered, two buttons will appear to create or join a network. In this case, if we are the host or owner of the server, we must click on ” Create “.
  • Then, we must assign an ID to the network and a password. Keep in mind that it should not be anything personal since the rest of the members of the server must know it to be able to join the Hamachi network and later be able to play all together within the server.
  • Once we have created the network and it appears in the list, we must click on the number that appears at the top and click on the left button and select the option ” Copy IPv4 address “. We must bear in mind that the network that is valid in any case is IPv4, since the IPv6 protocol is not yet used.

Configure Minecraft server

In order to configure and adjust the parameters to our liking of the Minecraft server, it is necessary that we execute the file ” Server Properties ” if by any chance, it does not appear in .txt format, we add the extension manually to the file.

Although from this file we can activate or deactivate the different options simply by putting “ True ” to activate said option or “False” to deactivate it, as well as choosing the seed with which we want the world to be generated, the number of players …

The most important thing on the list is a blank option that shows “ server-ip ”. In this option we must paste the IPv4 of our Hamachi network. It should be noted that the IP that we enter in this field is the same that we will have to enter when we want to join the server within the game.

Start the server and play

In order to enjoy our Minecraft server, now that we have configured all its parameters, we must have the server tab open and wait for the world to load.

It is also very important to have Hamachi open , otherwise the server will not be accessible to other users. Once we have everything open and working, we can connect to our server by entering the IPv4 address that appears in the Hamachi window.

Although there are many ways to create servers, this is one of the simplest out there. If we want to add mods we can do it, but for this all players must have the same mods package installed and we must also install Minecraft Forge on the server .


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