How to Convert a CER Certified File to PFX OpenSSL Online

Information is a very important resource in companies, as it allows the productivity of the company to grow or be maintained, the fulfillment of the processes, in addition each of the company’s departments work in a unified way. This information must be protected from hacking, piracy or information disclosure.

In computing there are digital certificates; These certificates allow you to know people on the internet, that is, to know the personal data of the person or company previously registered by a government body , this certificate may contain the personal signature of the person guaranteeing their security. You can even download and install a digital certificate from the FNMT for free

The physical documents are cumbersome, easy to lose and even takes time in performing mimes, however with digital certificates can make your paperwork quickly, economically, and safely.

There are different types of certificates; There are the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) certificates, this contains relevant information of the company or organization, the KEYs, this contains files with code or private key to be able to grant requests, the DERs, this has a format with binary numbers that are an extension of the CRT certificates. or CER .

The .CRL certificates are responsible for removing or revoking the certificate, .PKCS12 is used for manipulating Windows files, and there are also CER and PFX certificates, among others.

The CER certificate is a related security certificate file produced by a certificate authority. CER files or certificates allow the browser to check if a website is accessible, authentic, risk-free and secure. You can install and export a digital certificate in Windows 10 .

In the case that the certificate is public, the CER file verifies the public key to examine if the website is trustworthy. For example, if you want to enter the website and explore it, you can click on where the lock appears on the browser page.

There is also the PFX certificate, these are the files with security functions with codes or cryptography, these are used in files of authentication procedures, in order to know if the equipment or user can enter those files. These files secure and protect your computer from hackers or outsiders. You can convert them to openssl.

What is openssl?

Openssll is a series of strong library, management and commercial tools, integrated with security and cryptography protocols . Openssl is a project carried out by Tim Hudson and Eric Young supported by free software. However, how to install an SSL certificate .

It complies with the protocols applied in the secure socket layer and in the transport layer security, whether in Openssh, HTTPS or web browsers.

How to convert a CER certified file to openssl PFX online?

If you want to back up your files by converting a CER certified file to PFX in openssl online I will show you how to do it below:

Step 1

Enter the option “Start” press click then go to the option “Run” do again now type “MMC.exe” and click ok. Now choose the option “Console” followed by Add / Remove Plugin.

Step 2

In the “Add” option , click, then the certificates you want to convert, select them and click “Add” again.

Step 3

Now choose the option “Computer account” and in the option “Next” press click, then choose the option “Local computer” and then “Ok”, in “Close” click “OK” again.

Step 4

Then click on the option “Certificates or local computer” , go to Personal and again enter “Certificates”, there click.

Step 5

Notice that several certificates appear, now choose the one you want to convert, click, then go to “All tasks” and then “Export” , choose them.

Step 6

Then go to the option “Next” there click, if you do not see it, repeat step number 5 again but restart your computer and do step 4.

Step 7

Go to “Private Key” and then click on the Next option. Then choose “Personal Information Exchange” so that in this way you can create the PFX file.

Step 8

In “Next” press click and choose the password that you will put to the file, then again in “Next press quickly click.

Step 9

Choose the name of the file not file extension, in “Next” press click choose where you will save them and to finish press click “Finish”.

In case you want to save all the work when converting the certificate, you can learn to create or generate a certificate in PFX format in a simple way.


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