How to connect Amazon Echo to any TV? – Guide for Samsung, LG and Sony

With virtual assistants we can control smart devices in our home quickly, using verbal commands, without the need for a remote control or control.

The function most used by Amazon Echo users is to control our television using only their voice, with commands that are previously incorporated. In this guide we will teach you how to connect this assistant to Samsung, LG and Sony televisions .

How to Connect Amazon Echo to Any TV? – Guide for Samsung, LG and Sony

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  1. What does it take to connect an Amazon Echo to my TV?
    1. TV control
    2. stable internet connection
  2. What is the procedure to be able to connect Alexa to a television?
    1. On a Samsung Smart TV
    2. lg tv
    3. sony tv
  3. How can we control our TV using the Amazon Echo?
    1. With the Alexa App
    2. Through the Fire TV Stick
  4. What other voice controllers can we use on a television?
    1. Google Home
    2. Apple HomePod

What does it take to connect an Amazon Echo to my TV?

To connect an Amazon Echo to the television, we will mainly need a good Internet connection via Wi-Fi , in this way the voice assistant works optimally to control the TV.

TV control

The Amazon Echo device together with the Alexa application will be able to control the TV to turn on/off , change channels, turn up/down the volume. Throughout this article you will see various features.

stable internet connection

Amazon Echo is a compact speaker, with multiple uses that will need a good internet connection, since without this requirement the assistant will not speak or process the commands transmitted by the user.

This device connects via Wi-Fi, it does not have Ethernet ports , this is achieved by configuring the phone as an access point or through your home internet. If we use the Smartphone as a connection, you will have a surcharge on the telephone bill.

Even though the device is completely dependent on the internet, there are some things you can do offline, such as setting alarms, Bluetooth speakerphone .

What is the procedure to be able to connect Alexa to a television?

Alexa is an assistant that is integrated into multiple devices to be controlled through the Amazon Echo. Next we will show you how to configure it on Samsung, LG and Sony Smart TVs . It is important that your SmarTV system is updated to avoid errors during the process.

On a Samsung Smart TV

The first thing we should know is that there are certain Samsung televisions that are not compatible with SmartThings and Alexa, this is the easiest way to connect and it is the topic that we will address.

Taking the above into account, to proceed to connect Alexa to the television we must make sure that the voice assistant and the television are associated with the same network , thus guaranteeing that the configuration data is the same.

  1. Install the Alexa applicationon our phone or mobile device .
  2. Configure the accountto the Amazon voice assistant and then we access.
  3. Download the Samsung SmartThings application, once installed on the mobile, we click on the Add deviceoption and thus we will find our television.
  4. We enable SmartThings through the Alexa app, for this we open the Settingsmenu and go to Skills, look for SmartThings and make sure it is enabled.
  5. On the Alexa home screen we touch the Devices taband click on (+), then on Add device.
  6. We scroll downand click when we have found the brand of our Samsung Smart TV.

Once these steps have been carried out, we can control our television through voice commands from the Alexa icon.

lg tv

You must install the Alexa App according to your operating system, once downloaded, log in and follow the steps to link your LG TV.

  1. In the upper left part of the Alexa application we find the optionsbutton .
  2. We select the Skillsitem .
  3. We search and select Smart ThinQ, this is an application that is integrated into LG television models.
  4. We enablethe use of Smart ThinQ.
  5. We log in with the LG account.
  6. We correctly link the Smart ThinQ application and proceed to link devices.
  7. Finally, click on Detect devicesand select the brand of our LG television.

sony tv

After having configured the television and the Alexa application, with the remote control we press the start button, there are differences between the Sony menus, but we must look for the option that says Applications and select.

A menu will be displayed and we click on see everything, this will show us all the options, here we select the one that says TV Control with smart speakers. From the Alexa application, we go to settings-Skills, look for the Sony TV brand and enable it.

How can we control our TV using the Amazon Echo?

If we do not have a Smart TV that is Amazon Echo compatible, we can still use Alexa to control the TV, for this we will need a Fire TV Stick device that allows us to connect to the internet and link with the application.

With the Alexa App

This Alexa personal assistant can be found directly integrated into Amazon Echo devices, as we saw previously they can be linked to control the television with preset commands .

Through the Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick are devices that will help us convert televisions that have an HDMI input into a Smart TV in order to play multimedia content. Together with the Alexa voice assistant, we only need to press a button and ask it to search for the programs of our choice.

The best thing about these devices is that they work on all HD televisions , so you can enjoy the content anywhere you just need a Wi-Fi connection.

What other voice controllers can we use on a television?

Not only Amazon has incorporated the virtual assistant to its devices, companies like Google and Apple have also embraced this option, the voice remote control of Chromecast and Siri respectively.

Google Home

Google home are smart speakers, integrated with the Google assistant application that allows you to control devices, to achieve this we only need it to be plugged in and connected to a Wi-Fi network. So we can ask you to play a program on TV.

Apple HomePod

Another controller is the HomePod , it comes built-in with Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, like Amazon and Google speakers, it is designed to receive voice commands and be able to control televisions.

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