How to Cancel Instagram Follow Requests – Sent and Received

Instagram is a widely used and popular social network, in which we can contact acquaintances and strangers to see their publications , see the requests sent to Instagram. As well as upload our own images, stories in photo or video format and the profile photo .

How to View Submitted Requests on Instagram – Find Out Here

Instagram accounts can be public or private. Anyone can access public accounts, if, on the contrary, the account is private. We will have to send a follow request or, failing that, a message request, indicating that you want to be his follower, and wait for the owner to accept before being able to enter.

It is likely to have a list of requests sent to Instagram, which have not been accepted and many times we have the question of who did I send a request to? In the same way, that we have pending requests that we do not want to accept or want to cancel.

In both cases, we can count on the option of cleaning up this list of requests. Or cancel the follow-up request when we see that it takes a long time to respond and we’ll talk about that today.

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  1. Where to see the follow requests I have on Instagram?
    1. How to delete follow requests on Instagram?
    2. Steps to accept a follow request on Instagram
  2. How to see follow requests sent to other people?
  3. What can I do to cancel follow requests on Instagram?
    1. How to delete requests sent on Instagram?
  4. How to delete pending follow requests on Instagram?

Where to see the follow requests I have on Instagram?

We know that Instagram has the option to present your account as public or private as you prefer. To follow users with private accounts we must send a follow request. Also, you may be wondering, who did I apply to? And that is why you are interested in knowing what requests you have sent .

Either because you have been accumulating them or because you find out which ones have not been accepted despite having sent a message request or a friend request. Next, you will see a series of simple steps to access your submitted requests:

First, we will make sure that our account is open, and if it is not, we enter. We will go to our profile, and press the three lines located in the upper left.

We enter Settings> Security . In the Data and History section, we look for the option to Access data.

We go to connections, we will find several options related to the followers and accounts that you follow, and the possibility of canceling the follow-up request. Now, we will click on the view all under Requests for current followers.

Once there, you will be able to view all the requests that you have sent and have not yet been accepted. And you want to cancel the invitation or friend request.

How to delete follow requests on Instagram?

To be able to delete requests sent to a person, either accidentally or because the individual in question did not respond to you. You must follow the steps, which I will mention below.

The first thing you are going to do is enter your Instagram account; which you can execute, entering from its web or mobile version.

The second step, to go to your profile , clicking on your photo ; after this you must touch configuration.

We continue with step three, which is, search within the same option already mentioned, the one that says, privacy and security. Later, you tap on account data; followed by this, you select at the request of current followers.

The fourth step is to click on see all , where you can see those requests sent to Instagram or the invitations you have sent. Now, to delete or cancel a follow-up request, you just have to navigate the list and look for the person you are going to delete.

After this you touch on the user, which will take you to his profile, and that’s it. Nothing more, you click on cancel request and it is automatically deleted, so the question of, who did I send a follow-up request to?

Steps to accept a follow request on Instagram

To approve the requests sent by Instagram to our profile, if it is in the case of a mobile with iOS system (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), we will follow the steps: Enter the profile > Settings > Security > Access data. Here, a request to accept Instagram cookies will appear, in which we click accept.

This will take us to a section called contacts, where we see the option, current follow-up requests , also the requests sent to Instagram. And we choose to see everything, and thus, we will be able to see the applications sent that have not been accepted.

How to see follow requests sent to other people?

Surely this question is on your mind, because you do not know the number of requests you have sent . So you’re wondering, who did I send a follow-up request to?

Now, part of our job is to get rid of those requests that we no longer want to keep in our account. We will start by canceling the follow-up requests that we have sent and that have not been accepted by the recipients.

To be able to view follow requests or Instagram sent requests that you have sent. The first thing is to enter your profile and go to the options menu, this will be located in the upper right corner.

Then we must go to settings , enter the security, data and history section and access data. We must wait for a new window to appear.

Once there we will see all the information of our account. You must locate the contact section and the option of current follow-up requests, you must click on ‘see all’.

There you will find all the follow-up requests that we have sent and are pending to be accepted. If we want to remove it from the list, we just have to search for each of these users and proceed to delete the friend request or the requests sent to Instagram.

When locating the contact we are looking for we will see a button that says pending. In that case, just select on it, and we will stop following that account.

What can I do to cancel follow requests on Instagram?

Currently, there are free applications on Google Play that allow you to view follow requests on Instagram or those requests sent by Instagram easily, one of them is Cancel Request Followers Unfollower for Instagram. This application shows all the follow-up requests sent and allows you to delete them or, failing that, cancel the Instagram request, one by one, without having to enter their profile.

Another also valid option is the follower analyzer application . This application allows you to track the followers you have on your profile.

In this way, you will be able to see those who have never liked your posts, if a follower has blocked you . In addition, it allows you to view the follow-up requests sent that have not yet been accepted, among other options.

Therefore, the use of these applications are very effective if you do not want to enter the app directly, in the same way, they are compatible with iPhone and Android cell phones. In this way you can have control of the contacts you keep in your profile and decide who to keep or delete.

How to delete requests sent on Instagram?

To cancel requests sent from our computer, we must enter the Instagram page ; once there, we will enter with our username and password. We go to our profile and click on the gear icon next to the Edit profile option.

We select where it says Privacy and security, in the ‘account data’ section , we click on ‘view data’ of the account. Here we find the connections section; We will go to the current follower requests option and click on ‘see all’.

Once we see the accounts with requests sent, we copy the name of the one we no longer want to follow. We put it in the Instagram search bar, and we go to your profile.

Press the box where pending is written and there it will give us the option to stop following. We click it, and our follow -up request will be cancelled.

How to delete pending follow requests on Instagram?

To eliminate follow-up requests or those requests sent to Instagram, we must enter our account and go to the activity section, it does not matter if the phone is iPhone or Android, as it works for both. In it, we can see everything that has happened, new followers, follow-up requests sent and received, contact suggestions, recent activities, among others.

In our case we will locate the follow-up requests and in the drop-down menu to the right of this option, we select accept, reject, cancel request or delete request. It may happen that we mistakenly approve a request that we wanted to cancel.

In this case, we must enter the list of followers, search for the contact in question. And select, delete on the right side of the username. Instagram will ask you to confirm the option to delete the follower, select delete and that’s it. With this, we will delete the requests sent to Instagram.


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