Wondering how to become a NCC driver?

Imagine doing a job different from the others, a comfortable job, with a professional and selected clientele.

And being able to drive luxurious and equally comfortable cars. It almost seems like a dream, right? We show you how you can make it happen!

The acronym NCC stands for rental with driver. It means the decision to rent, in addition to the car, also a driver.

A service that integrates those that already exist and a professional figure who must meet the fundamental requirements.



Such as the possession of the kb type qualification certificate , which can be obtained by taking an exam at a branch of the Land Transport Department.

Becoming a NCC driver is an attractive aspiration, and it is a profession that gives a lot of satisfaction, without particular stress to endure.

For example, because we work for people with a privileged economic situation.

A great advantage of being an NCC driver is the fact that you work with very luxurious and comfortable cars, which favors a more relaxed and quiet drive.



The number of people who choose this profession is constantly growing, as it is a very convenient service, especially in large cities.

To do this type of work, a beautiful presence is required, which does not necessarily mean being a model, but simply being a clean and tidy person.

Another fundamental requirement, as we have already mentioned, is to have the kb certificate and the B license.

In addition, it is necessary to register for the regional roles, indicating the region in which you are resident.

To become a NCC driver and enroll in the Driver Roles it is obviously necessary to go to the region of competence.

But it cannot be done until after having turned 21, having obtained the driving license and the kb certificate.

The latter is a real certificate of qualification for the profession.

There are many cooperatives that are looking for this professional figure.

And these are cooperatives that offer a good monthly salary, on average around 1550 euros.

The profession of rental with driver follows a precise regulation.

As the law of 15/02/1992 n. 21 and the regional law of 15/04/1995 n. 25.

Here we read that “Non-scheduled public transport services provide for the individual or collective transport of people with a complementary and integrative function with respect to public rail and car transport. And they are carried out, at the request of users, on a non-continuous or periodic basis on itineraries and times agreed from time to time. ”



In the first case, the professional waits for his customers in taxi stations, in a public space dedicated to this type of service.

Instead in the second case it is the customer himself who goes to the garage to ask for a specific transport service.

An NCC driver is responsible for transporting customers from one place to another ensuring safety and comfort.

Drivers usually have a predetermined schedule and often work exclusively for specific customers. But how do you become a NCC driver? I’m going to explain the way.

The NCC driver is an increasingly popular figure especially in large cities.

Many tourists flock here every day, spared no expense in order to have the best transport service during their travels.

Let’s see what is required in this type of job and what characteristics the ideal candidate must have.



With the acronym NCC (abbreviation of Rental With Driver) we mean that offline public transport service.

In general, it is aimed at those specific users who have made a specific request.

Like a taxi driver, an NCC driver is responsible for transporting customers from one place to another ensuring safety and comfort.

Unlike the former, however, the drivers usually have a predetermined schedule. They often then work exclusively for specific clients.

The services made available by an NCC driver include the punctuality of the driver and the convenience of the means of transport.

To this is added a professional relationship based on seriousness and trust, respecting the safety of customers.

Before any trip, the duties of a driver include studying the maps and routes for the required itineraries.

In addition to checking the radio or online traffic and analyzing weather reports for the departure and destination locations.

The drivers are also responsible for checking the means of transport.

The ordinary checks include those of the engine fluids, the inspection of the internal and external electrical and mechanical components.

Then there is the control of tire pressure and fuel maintenance at adequate levels.


This work allows many advantages. First of all, a certain autonomy in the organization of one’s duties.

It also guarantees contact with selected customers. And state-of-the-art instrumentation on the vehicle, thanks largely to major advances in the automotive environment.

Those who apply for this role must be able to demonstrate that they possess all the necessary requirements to be able to perform the required tasks in the best way.

In short, to become an NCC driver, you need to:

  • Be at least 21 years of age and no more than 55.
  • Having fulfilled school obligations.
  • Do not have any criminal charges.

If you have these characteristics, you can proceed with the request for the professional qualification certificate (CAP).

The certificate is issued upon the display of the driving license B and the certificate of ownership of an adequate means of transport, or availability for leasing.

In addition to the formal requirements, those who approach this type of work are required to have a series of physical and moral characteristics that guarantee a good business card.



First, a flawless professional appearance.

Flexibility also plays a decisive role.

Yes, because drivers who work for individual customers may need to be available even when their shift is over.

Another important feature is the good knowledge of the area, to be able to give indications on local restaurants and bars. In addition to storing commercial areas, and points of interest in general.

To complete the characteristics of the ideal candidate, a polite, calm and courteous character is essential.

Particularly demanding customers often come across and they need to offer a satisfying travel experience.

The rental transport service with driver is one of the most requested activities in this sector currently.


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